Opening of the exhibition on May 7, 2010, at 18.00, open until May 31, 2010
Adam Papke has been painting for several years already, but this will be his first individual exhibition presenting the scope of his artistic activities. He chose watercolours, a difficult technique requiring a steady hand and the ability to immediately make decisions in putting each and every colour patch. His already impressive techniques of watercolour are perfected in each subsequent series of works. He looks for a unique form of expression, a form that would be his own. He’s interested in a broadly understood landscape, especially urban vistas. He mainly paints the architecture of Bydgoszcz and Torun, motives from places where he spends most of his time, places which are close to him and which he knows. He repeats them in many takes, in different light. And the light is very important for him. He halts it with an arrangement of colour patches, put quickly with an already achieved virtuosity. He’s got a skill of noting details which are just a semblance, an arrangement of just a few small patches, lines, nevertheless making the impression of a polished detail. He retains realism of vision, generalising the form. He tries to convey the atmosphere of a single moment. Recently, he’s been trying to make landscapes unreal. He loses explicitness of a motive in favour of the power of a colour patch. Adam Papke creates works that fall within traditional imaging, peaceful, full of light, with gentle colours. He favours perfection and value of his artistic techniques.
Elżbieta Kantorek

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