From May 11th till June 19th the BWA Gallery of Bydgoszcz will present the graphics of Salvador Dali, coming from the Euro Art Luxembourg S.a.r.L. and the art collection of “Kronstadt” Foundation.
In printing and graphical activities of Salvador Dali we find an independent, self-contained world, whose charms cannot be resisted by anyone dealing with it. Through the etchings, lithography and wood engravings the audience is confronted as opposed to Dali oil painting – with the peak of literary, philosophical and natural world, starting in the last century and reaching until the present. The central point of Dali art were the activities related to systematic cognition and reconstruction of the world – of things that are unconscious and subconscious, the world of dreams, fantasies, mystic visions and – last but not least – a perfect cognition of one own.

Exhibition: 2005.05.10 – 2005.06.19

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