The Society of Cultural Initiatives in Bydgoszcz (that is Mr. Stefan Pastuszewski) for the seventh time organised a competition for the Bydgoszcz artists; since 2011, in cooperation with the Municipal Gallery bwa in Bydgoszcz: 2009 Podwórko Dworcowa 62 (The Yard at 62 Dworcowa St.); 2010 Podwórko (The Yard); 2011 Mosty (Bridges); 20l2 lnspirowane Wyczółkowskim ((Inspired by Wyczółkowski); 2013 Ulice (w małym formacie) (Streets (in a small format)); 2014 Dom (w małym formacie) (Home (in a small format)).
Three years ago, a change was introduced in the rules of the competition the format of the works was limited to 2500 cm2, and thus opened the competition formula for all the Bydgoszcz artists (until then, the organiser invited only selected creators). Since 2011, the exhibitions have been taking place at the Kantorek Gallery. Its small space also influenced the decision to introduce the small format of works. For this year’s competition, there were 67 works submitted paintings, drawings, graphics, collages, sculptures and photographies by 32 artists.
The works were judged in two groups: visual arts and photography. In terms of quantity, the former group prevailed; in the latter, the judges evaluated works by six authors which could be clearly termed as photography. The exhibition presents works by 30 authors (works of two artists weren’t qualified for formal and artistic reasons).
Elżbieta Kantorek (art historian) chairperson
Jerzy Riegel (photo artist) member
Prof. Aleksandra Simińska (visual artist) member
Małgorzata Winter (art historian) member
The Jury stated:
The Jury in its assessment tries to be objective. Obviously, it’s a difficult task. Therefore, several people attempt to evaluate the collected works. The starting point is to evaluate the artistic techniques, which strictly categorise the works. Then we consider the message, expression and interpretation of the given subject. And the word "WE" is an extremely broad one, and at the same time very difficult to translate into image in such a way that it becomes interesting, intriguing, meaningful. The jury attempts to pick out all these characteristics. There are disputes, conversations, discussions aiming at reaching a consensus. And that’s how the works were chosen, the most interesting ones in the opinion of the jury, different in terms of style, but most relevant for the meaning of the word WE
The artists participating in the WE competition:
Visual Arts:
1st Prize:
Magdalena Rucińska, Nie-pokoje, 2015, acrylic, canvas, 40,0×40,0 cm (collection of works)
2nd Prize:
Piotr Matuszek, My (We), 2015, acrylic, canvas, 40,0×30,0 cm (collection of works)
3rd Prize:
Grzegorz Pleszyński, My, Europejczycy (We, Europeans), collage, 50,0×50,0 cm
Honourable mentions:
Aleksander Dętkoś, My (We), bronze, stone, 45 cm high, 58 cm wide
Adam Jezierzański, My, Biało-Czerwoni (We, White and Red), 2015, pastel, paper, 40,0×30,0 cm
1st Prize:
Romuald Fajtanowski, Untitled, photography, 18, 0x18,0 cm (collection of works) 2nd Prize:
Justyna Jułga, Karl i ja (Karl and I), 2015, digital photography, print, 30,0×54,0 cm (collection of works)
Honourable mention:
Jarosław Majewski, Untitled, isohelia, rubber, 19,0×24,0 cm

The awards were funded by:
– Marshal of Kujawsko-Pomorskie District, Piotr Całbecki
– President of the City of Bydgoszcz, Rafał Bruski
– GOTOWSKI, Transportation and Industrial Constructions, Ltd.
– EBUD Przemysłówka Multi-branch Enterprise
– Zjednoczone Przedsiębiorstwa Rozrywkowe S.A.

post-competition exhibition
opening of the exhibition: 04.12.2015, 6pm
exhibition open until 16.01.2016

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