Using the traditionally feminine craft of painting on silk, Magdalena Karpińska creates works that oscillate around the nature of gender. Their sensual form: softness, colour and even scent – has a special meaning for her. Just as in her paintings on canvas or paper Karpińska constructs her compositions in layers, so she builds up the image with the help of painted fabrics in space. For her, silk installations are an extension of the image, making it into three dimensions. The exhibition will present for the first time a collection of the artist’s textile works from the last few years.

Magdalena Karpińska – a painter who, when creating paintings on canvas, paper and fabrics, is inspired by nature, treating it as a carrier of emotions, symbols, religion and politics. The artist explores arrangements of forms in nature, their references and mutual relations. She questions the veracity of the representation of nature in a painting, breaking it down into its constituent parts. She moves fluidly between realism dictated by observation of nature and its deconstruction leading to abstraction. A frequent procedure she uses is to construct the image as a composition and a visual puzzle at the same time. Karpińska pays a lot of attention to form in her work – she works in the technique of yolk tempera on canvas and paper, and constructs painting installations from fabrics.
Selected exhibitions: Słoneczko zaszło (The Sun has set, Polana Institute, Warsaw 2020), Landscapes of Gaia (Sage Culture, Los Angeles USA 2020), Better Bitter (Platan Gallery, Budapest, 2018), Oko (Eye, Starter Gallery, Warsaw, 2015), Procedures for the head (Kunsthalle Bratislava, 2015), Sunrise (Starter Gallery, Warsaw, 2014), Trwałe rzeczy (Lasting Things, Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw, 2012), Nie tak strzyżono szpalery (That’s not how you trim the hedges, Czarna Gallery, Warsaw, 2011).

curator: Karolina Rybka

Start 02.02.2022, 6 pm
20 Gdańska St.
End 27.03.2022

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