The exhibition presents student projects of urban benches designed for our city. They are the works by students of interior design and architecture at the University of Technology and Life Sciences, prepared for the competition organised by the Department of Promotion of the City of Bydgoszcz.
The main idea of the competition was to create unusual, original forms and places for rest, relaxation and meeting people. Places and forms that integrate, get people to talk, but also offer a little rest and shelter us from the everyday hustle and bustle, while providing an interesting addition to our immediate space and the environment, making them more beautiful in every way. As a result of the contest, we received a lot of interesting and original benches, complete spaces and lounge complexes, unusual places to add colour to our city, our nearest space. They add colour to the environment in which we live and spend every day. Within it, they create very personalized, expressive places, much needed for our city to give it character, give it so much needed warmth which makes our living here better and nicer.
At the exhibition we can admire designs that are simple and clear in terms of form, as well as ideas that are very powerful and rich in terms of their designs, strongly emphasising their presence in the space. We can also see designs that blend beautifully with the environment, as well as those that are in contrast with it, dominating, creating a new quality of the space, changing it and determining again.
We will also see other student projects, designed and developed by design students for Bydgoszcz, including revitalization of the viaduct at Kaliskiego St. or the new arrangement for Długa St. These are projects that like the bench projects prove how many fantastic things one can do in our city and how good our young designers are at it. (Dr Romuald Fajtanowski)
exhibition open until 26.10.2014
admission free

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