Kaisu Koivisto from Helsinki made an object (a metal sculpture) of steel pipes with motorcycle lights at their ends. It was placed on the wall of the municipal gallery bwa.
The lights flash with orange light, its regularity makes a hypnotic effect. The work is called “In case of danger”.
/Emergency/ “In case of danger” (or sudden accident) is a work in the city&acutes space.
It&acutes made of steel pipes and flashing lights that every emergency car has.
The flashing light installed in a city remind of an advert.
But it doesn&acutet look exactly like an light advert
(neon), as there&acutes neither text nor picture there.
My goal is to make a creation that does not fit
the place and the surrounding where it&acutes going to be located. The steel structure and orange lights prove that they obviously don&acutet belong to a city building. They&acutere an alien element.
However, the lights make the building alive in a way, make it more visible. It stands out from its surroundings. Besides, there&acutes beauty in the lights that, flashing regularly, create a hypnotic effect.
“I think it is very important to have projects such as Art in the city.
Temporary works of art may help people pay attention to their environment.
They bring questions (sometimes also aggression):
Why? What is it? What&acutes going on?
The role and function of the temporary works of art is different than that of sculpture monuments located permanently in the city space.
Temporary works of art are often placed in weird places.
In this way they&acutere able to draw attention to special qualities of common places, such as outskirts or side streets”. /Kaisu Koivisto/

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