Opening of the exhibition: 03.06.2017, 12pm
Closing: 14.06.2017

The National Youth Biennial of Poster in its 9th edition invited to Bydgoszcz participants in two categories. The first one, from 11 to 15 years, consists of members of art studios at the Youth Culture Clubs, Youth Palaces, and art pre-grammar schools. The second one, from 16 to 20 years, includes students of art high schools and older participants of the Youth Culture Clubs and Youth Palaces. The goal of the competition has so far been to constantly promote among older children and adolescents the reflective-intellectual type of visual expression in the form of a poster, which, with artistic short cut, would propagate things important for young generations of Poles in the early decades of the 21st century. This time, we decided to put the emphasis on the main problem, that is: “The concept of construction and deconstruction – mutual relationship.” The aim of the Biennale is to promote the creative process carried out under the guidance of artist educators, which leads to understanding and learning about the workshop and the selection of symbolism “for the birth of a poster.” On this occasion we can promote exceptionally talented young authors and acquire works of interesting artistic, educational, and social qualities. The concepts of “construction and deconstruction” show how the world and human nature is subjected to a constant process of rebuilding that which is fragile and impermanent, and in the human mentality, evil and vile.
(Zbigniew Jastrowski)

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