Barbara Tomacka-Siara. Multiplied space. Porcelain. Andrzej Maciej Łubowski Open painting
From June 1st, 2006, the Municipal Gallery bwa in Bydgoszcz presented the exhibitions of Andrzej Maciej Łubowski&acutes works, titled Open painting and of
Barbara Tomacka-Siara. Multiplied space. Porcelain.
Andrzej Maciej Łubowski. Open paintingAndrzej Maciej Łubowski (born 1946) initially practised painting in informel art convention. In the second half of 1970s his domain became figurative painting, he was the main representative of photorealism in Polish art. In the 1980s he created using photography monumental, symbolic pictures of staged, very often unrealistic events. Surprising perspective views and cold colour palette emphasised the existential tension of these compositions. The next stage of his work is characterised by the need to recall to the language of myth and ritual gestures. In the 1990s the artist created painting installations (the DE-COMPOSITIONS cycle), made of enlarged face visages cut into vertical stripes, and concrete blocks. Since 1999, Łubowski has been creating cycles of pictures-objects, titled BROKEN PICTURE and DOUBLE OBJECTS and painted in various shades of red and orange, in which real and illusory spaces, presenting fragments of faces, heads and hands, get mixed.

Andrzej Maciej Łubowski studied at the Faculty of Painting, where he got a diploma at the classes of Professor Stefan Gierowski (1971). Having graduated, he came back to his hometown of Poznan. Professor at the College of Applied Arts Schola Posnaniensis, he is currently its pro-rector. Participated in numerous collective exhibitions in Poland and abroad, had more than 30 individual exhibitions. His works are in many museums and private collections. Winner of the 2nd Prize at the 5th Painting Contest of Jan Spychalski (1977), a prize at the Waldemar Cwenarski exhibition (1980).

The exhibition at the Municipal Gallery BWA will be retrospective. Barbara Tomacka-Siara. Multiplied space. Porcelain.

Barbara Tomacka-Siara graduated from the Faculty of Ceramics and Glass of the State College of Arts in Wrocław in 1980, with a diploma at the classes of Irena Lipska-Zworska. Her diploma work was a service for everything, with simple forms originating from cylinders and globes. These forms were made of white porcelain and decorated with abstract, monochromatic patterns, printed from self-made linocuts. The artist used the skills she acquired earlier at the Faculty of Graphic Art of the High School of Art in Bydgoszcz, which she graduated from. Avoiding the traditional method of shaping in ceramics, she based her experiments on manual forming. The shape of objects is the result of folding and rolling huge sheets of porcelain, based on basic geometric figures. She also uses the effect of translucency. Her sculpture objects using light are multi-element compositions, supplemented with wood, brass, copper or aluminium. Light intensifies the spatiality of the painting compositions, draws out the layers of engobes in a sheet of porcelain. The exhibition at the Municipal Gallery bwa in Bydgoszcz will present mostly monochromatic works.

Exhibition: 2006.06.01 – 2006.07.30

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