„I create forms exploding with joyful movement, an arrangement of waves and pulsation.
What emerges is a living entity with its own rhythm, impulse and motion.
I like space in my works, a painting’s background is not void, it’s a space – a space for the breath of painting. Without this space, there would be no harmony, no stability and no balance in the movement and the rhythm of an artwork. Everything is a matter of motion, rhythm and space. Colourful forms reveal the space and, thanks to them, white vibrates and radiates, the space is alive and opens for infinity.
When I paint, transferring my art to the canvas, it exudes internal joy, which I call „my lyrical elation”, a strong emotion creating a space filled with poetry and magic…
I can feel I become free and open for things that are beautiful, good and great.
I know that one can find freedom at any time and, in order to take risks, it’s enough to as Hokusai said combine and intensively use the short moments out of which an artwork will be created, a dazzling, amazing experience. …that I wish to everyone viewing my pictures…”

In 2012, Pierre Pirson celebrates the 35th anniversary of artistic work (painting), having to his credit more than 70 solo exhibitions in Belgium, France, Holland, Spain, Switzerland, French Polynesia, Australia, Japan, Poland, the United States and numerous group exhibitions ; participant in many contemporary art fairs, including: Linéart Art fair, Gand, Art Event, Anvers, Arco Madrid, Art Sydney International, Osaka Salon d’art.
Currently, he lives and works in Lige and in Poland, owning a studio in Bydgoszcz.
Pierre Pirson’s painting (images) derive mainly from his intuition; it is painting of movement, light, vivid colours. He shares his passion between Belgium, Poland and the U.S. a new stage in his life and work.
1st part of the exhibition the latest works of the artist created in the culture of the Benelux 2nd part of the exhibition works created during his stay in Bydgoszcz and related to the cultural clash with our region and the city 3rd part of the exhibition the effect of artistic discourse with Leon Wyczółkowski.

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