In the history of art many artists have been ahead of their times. Igor Mitoraj, however, deliberately alluded to an era that was completely distant from him, both mentally and chronologically. His monumental sculptures refer to ancient art with their form, and ask fundamental questions about the human condition. In his sculptures, he tried to convey the most beautiful ideals of the ancient artists encapsulated in the Platonic triad of truth, goodness and beauty. Is this artist sufficiently well-known to the Polish audience? What are his most important works? To which ancient works can we find analogies in his works? The answer to these and many other questions will be presented during the next of the lectures of the Bydgoszcz Academy of Art.
Tomasz Sińczak – PhD student at the Department of Historical Sciences of the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń, a graduate of history and art history. He specialises in political and cultural history of the Middle East in the period between the birth of Christ and the rise of Islam. An aficionado of Roman and Byzantine art. The author of the monograph “Wars of the Roman Empire against the Sassanid Iran in the years 226–363 CE”. Co-author of two volumes of the “Res militaris. Studies of ancient military”. Member of the editorial board of the “Starożytność” magazine and a reviewer of the portal.

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