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(Polski) Błażej Ciarkowski. Cynizm i naiwność w architekturze

(Polski) Dobrawa Borkała. Partytury oddechowe

Lulu in Poświaty Microconcert: Jurkiewicz, Borkała

Diplomas – UTP design 2021

(Polski) Bogna Derkowska-Kostkowska. Miejsca rozrywki bydgoszczan w czasach Brombergu

Dobrawa Borkała. Poświaty

Agata Królak. Drugs for Fears

(Polski) Sztuka w samo południe: Montujemy! cz.2

(Polski) Gdzie Słoń jest, proszę Słonia?

Online workshop for kids. Edible illustration

Anna Miśniakiewicz. Buildings as a means of manipulating the mood of the audience

Zuzanna Żubka-Chmielewska. Folk inspirations in Polish fashion and design of the 20th and 21st centuries


Art at High Noon: We are assembling!

Purchases 2

Albertina Viegas. La’o Lemorai. How to be at home in the absence of home.

Agnieszka Wysocka. A camel on a shelf, or a few words about Lubomir Tomaszewski’s projects

“Make yourself a Bogucka” online workshop

Christmas is coming

Monika Drożyńska. Mamy gest (We are open-handed)

Insect houses

Sonia Rammer. I’d rather be the Yeti!

Open Call Harte Zeiten / Ciężkie Czasy

Jerzy Brukwicki. Ceramic figurines from Polish faïence and porcelain factories and artists’ studios from the mid-1950s

Workshop for Kids – Little Weaves

Włocławki. Ceramic products of the Włocławek Faïence Factory, 1952-91

Katarzyna Bogucka “Posters”

Weave your story


(Polski) Dziecko na warsztat. Narzędziownik – warsztat projektantki/ta

Artistic All Souls’ Day 2020

Albertina Viegas. La’o Lemorai

Bartosz Mucha. Poor Design

Gosia Bartosik. Good morning

Movie making. Workshop for families.

(Polski) Agnieszka Wysocka. Współczesne biblioteki – architektura i funkcja

The Ceramics Project

Workshop for girls

(Polski) Oprowadzanie kuratorskie

Concert. Bastarda Trio

(Polski) Bartosz Haduch. Ar(t)chitektura

(Polski) Katalogi za pół ceny

(Polski) Kukłozwidy

Kuba Mozolewski. Taming of nonsense

Diploma 2020 Interior Design of the University of Technology and Life Sciences

Katarzyna Andrzejczyk-Briks. Design and “infodemia,” or how to design in an era of disinformation

Sensations of ephemeral nature – controlled études

Workshop for kids. Infinite lines – playing with point, line and plane

Performance Night 2020

SloFlo. Anna Nacher, Marek Styczyński

Ewa Miller. Post factum – Slides

The Great Book of Big and Giant Expeditions

Workshop for kids. Relax

4th National Leon Wyczółkowski Painting Competition

Robert Kuśmirowski. Four-Bidden Museum

Ola Niepsuj. As much as necessary

(Polski) Dziecko na warsztat. Burak w otworku

Kornelia Dzikowska. Notes on the passage of time

Barbara Chojnacka. Sculpture in Bydgoszcz in the inter-war period

Bogna Derkowska-Kostkowska. Industrial Bydgoszcz in pre-war advertising

Post-industrial landscape

Oskar Gurbada. I created you in my image

Gallery during pandemic time

Błażej Ciarkowski. The architecture of the holiday facilities from the communist era and their contemporary reception

Tea in the gallery – get inspired by art, get inspired by nature

Kajetan Giziński. Contemporary art exhibitions – evaluation criteria, examples

Workshop for kids. Jungle

Marek Noniewicz. The World Out of Time

(Polski) Galeria online

(Polski) Gosia Bartosik. Małe manifesty online

Krystyna Stepczyńska-Szymczak. Biodiversity as an inspiration for art. The lecture accompanying the exhibition “Herbarium novum. Efflorescentiae”

Advertising or the art of persuasion

Herbarium novum. Efflorescentiae

Gosia Bartosik. Artists-In-Residence. Drawing as a resistance movement.

Workshop for kids. Flower Stand

Diplomas – UTP design

Jacek Kowalski. The Kowalskis’ Furniture – a legend of the People’s Republic of Poland

Workshop for kids. Incidents and coincidences, or monotyping

Truth of time, truth of commemoration

Katarzyna Andrzejczyk-Briks. Design boundaries


Winter Holidays in the Gallery: Incidents and coincidences, or monotyping

The language of forms, mysterious signs from the island.

Island. Ada Zielińska and Patryk Hardziej

Hanna Wojdała-Markowska. Between a work of art and a functional form, or innovation and the tradition of clothing

Hanna Józefowska. Hidden modality of being

Architecture and art

Witold Kanicki. Is it worth it to be original? Repetitions, copies, quotations and pastiches in contemporary art

Workshop for kids. Dust Storm – anti-smog masks

Diana Lelonek. Report

Zuzanna Żubka-Chmielewska. Long Live Youth! Youth fashion in the times of the People’s Republic of Poland

Looking in the windows. Family workshops

Exhibition (in small format) Post-competition exhibition

Turn on the radio or the art of listening

Artists-In-Residence Programme 2020

Monika Płuciennik. Advertising in the city landscape – can it be controlled?

Workshop for kids. Packaging according to Karol Śliwka

Ewa Tatar. BWA. Collective intelligence of art institutions

Jerzy Brukwicki. Karol Śliwka – creator of charming logos

Karol Śliwka. Polish Projects Polish Designers

(Polski) Zaduszki artystyczne 2019

Workshop for kids. Neo-project

Aleksandra Sojak-Borodo. Mrówkowiec nad Balatonem

70 Years of the Municipal Gallery bwa in Bydgoszcz

FOnomo. Sea-Meadows Measureless

Agnieszka Wysocka. Cultural Map of Bydgoszcz. Architecture for Art after 1945

(Polski) Bydgoska Akademia Sztuki – wykłady 2019/2020

Archive for the future

Muses and woman artists – women of art

Matter and Gesture. Sara Gackowska. Piotr Tołoczko

Workshop for kids. Strings of Friendship

The art of the object behind the Iron Curtain

Handle, hinge, lock. Basics of furniture renovation

Workshop. Moodboard

A Meeting with Stanisław Lejkowski

Interior design, University of Technology and Life Sciences. Diplomas.

Zbigniew Sałaj. Closing of the exhibition

TehoFest 2019 – Meeting with Michał Kaliski

Workshop for kids. Paper September

Michał Szlaga. POLAND/GATE

Point of Support

Paweł Błęcki. . Temporary Concentration of Matter

Pamela Bożek. Mini-phrasebook

11th Visual Arts Competition EXHIBITION (small format)

Workshop for kids – summer edition

Pamela Bożek. Polish-Chechen/Chechen-Polish mini-phrasebook

Zbigniew Sałaj. Reconstructions

Paweł Błęcki. Temporary Concentration of Matter

Eye Never Sleeps – Game

Performance Night 2019

Bogna Derkowska-Kostkowska. Urban and architectural structure of Bydgoszcz in the years 1918-1939

Roundabout 2019

Take a photo or holiday photo guide

(Polski) Euroshorts 27 Międzynarodowy Festiwal Filmowy

14th Biennial of Award-winning Diploma Works by Students of Schools of Fine Arts in the Northwestern Macroregion

Anna Kroplewska-Gajewska. Polish paintresses of the 20th and 21st centuries

The European Night of Museums 2019

Natalia Szymonik. Taming the everyday life

Silent spectacle or the art of pantomime

Beata Chomątowska. Concrete Land. House for Everyone

Slow Art Day

Aleksandra Simińska. Arché. Painting

Barbara Chojnacka. Bydgoszcz in painting and artistic graphics


Residencies 2019 – Results

Bydgoszcz Lexicon of Art. Promotional meeting

Anna Wachowicz. Design Thinking – creative madness

Let’s do it the folk way, or festive cut-outs

Workshop for kids. Tapestries, macramés, braids

Adam Nadolny. Hello, this is architect Joanna. Architecture in Polish film of the 1960s.

Meeting the author. Olga Drenda

Barbara Widera. Relations with nature in contemporary architecture

Workshop for kids. Badass Portrait

Shadow of Freedom

Art in Film – Films about art

Exhibition of Diploma Projects of Design Students of the University of Technology and Life Sciences 2019

Anna Baumgart. Revolution is not a dinner

Hubert Trammer. Death and resurrection of architecture

For the love of writing. Michał Tabaczyński – curatorial presentation

Magdalena Dworak-Mróz. Turning memory inside out. Elusive images of memories in the painting by Marta Czarnecka

Residencies 2019

Mysteries of images

Closing of the “Freedom” exhibition

Karolina Bandziak-Kwiatkowska. Not only the rose… The faïence of Wloclawek (1945-1991)

(In)visibility of writing

Marta Czarnecka. (Un)Real Events

Workshop for kids. Dog mixes


We are all collages

Handmade or New Year’s Gifts

Jerzy Riegel – a collective portrait. Première of a documentary film

Agnieszka Wysocka. From the palace in Wisła to the bourgeois interior – decoration of Polish flats in the interwar years

Family workshops – I have three stripes

Freedom (in small format) – post-competition exhibition

The piano – a fetish of culture, a memento of history…

Jowita Jagla. Healing Saints. On the links between old medicine and art

Photography workshops – See things that surround you

Aleksandra Sojak-Borodo. A lecture

Marek Noniewicz. Areas of individuality – selected attitudes in 20th century photography


Art at High Noon! Workshops for seniors

Meeting the author. Katarzyna Kowalska – Polish El Greco

Workshop for kids. Make an animal

The body you do not know

Wojciech Woźniak. Unknown roads


Jerzy Brukwicki. Contemporary Polish ceramics – its history and collections

Cristina Ferreira, Ana Barata Martins. On the way home

7 Fonomo Music & Film Festival 2018

Kajetan Giziński. Does art need psychology?

(Polski) Rodzinne warsztaty weekendowe. Witold Chmielewski: Chałupka – choć ciasna, ale własna

(Polski) Adam Strzałkowski. Plates/Animalizm

Marcin Giżycki – meeting with the author, and film screening

Grzegorz Mika. Interwar housing estates – the beginnings of Warsaw blocks of flats

(Polski) Bydgoska Akademia Sztuki 2018/2019 kalendarium

Residencies 2018. Cristina Ferreira & Ana Barata Martins

Art at High Noon! Workshops for seniors

Witold Chmielewski „In Search of the Middle of the World”

Bogdan Chmielewski “Winter Sundial” and documentation

Wiesław Smużny “Lucim Ecumenism – community of life and art”

Karolina Kiljańska-Bizoń. Traces

Workshop for kids. Cottage – though cramped, but my own.

Conference Lucim 111

Lucim 111

Herbs in Polish art and culture

(Polski) Oprowadzanie kuratorskie – Idealiści i prowokatorzy

Idealists and provocateurs

(Polski) Małgorzata Kaczmarek – Ćwiczenia z fitosocjologii stosowanej

Workshop for kids. Summer imprints

Grażyna Dobrzelecka. In suspension

Eye – Prologue. Face and Mask: Werner Herzog

Performance Night 2018


Joanna Bielska-Krawczyk. Mysterious paths between images and words – or how images get into poems

Residencies 2018. Exercises in applied phytosociology

(Polski) III Ogólnopolski Konkurs Malarski im. Leona Wyczółkowskiego

(Polski) Bogna Derkowska-Kostkowska. Struktura urbanistyczno-architektoniczna Bydgoszczy w kontekście rozwoju industrializacji w czasach zaboru pruskiego

Diploma 2018 Exhibition of diploma works by the students of Interior Architecture at the University of Technology and Life Sciences

The art of gesture, i.e. the encounter with body language

Agnieszka Wysocka. Space for culture in post-war Bydgoszcz

Joanna Imielska. Travel notes

Roundabout 2018

The European Night of Museums 2018

Piotr Tołoczko. Anatomy of Drawing

Workshop for kids. Ink near us!

Sebastian Krzywak. Flatten Image


Dorota Żaglewska. Young art on the market. What is worth investing in?

Slow Art Day

Curatorial tour

Danuta Jamiołkowska. HOME?

Barbara Chojnacka. Canaletto from the Brda? The Real Nature of Jerzy Rupniewski’s Painting (1888-1950)

Alicja Kubicka. Painter’s Toolkit

Cinema from the inside – How to talk about artists?

Workshop for kids. To Draw by Painting

Jerzy Brukwicki. Sculptures in public space

(Polski) Realizm. Dwa spojrzenia

Residencies 2018

Janusz A. Bałdyga. On the edge of time

Magdalena Dworak-Mróz. Life of Things. About anthropomorphising of a work of art

Fashion that was and fashion that is

Exhibition of Diploma Projects by the Design Students from the University of Technology and Life Sciences

Workshop for kids. Here is sculpture!

Anna Kroplewska-Gajewska. Form as a visible shape of content in the art of the 20th century

Holidays in the Gallery

Family weekend workshops. For printing! Model Bag

Curatorial guided tour of the “Lekcja dizajnu” (Design Lesson) exhibition

(Polski) Lekcja dizajnu

Conjuring up Sculpture

Workshop for kids. Make your own catalogue for the exhibition

Agnieszka Wysocka. More light! The role of lighting in modern urban planning

How to dance sculpture?

(Polski) Szkoła Bydgoska. Było nie było

Agnieszka Kryst. Archers – the final artistic residence

Film screening: Everybody street

Monika Rak. Fabric. Overview of current events in the field of art and design

A dance and composition workshop Arranging the body in real time

Film screening: “Bert Stern. Original Madman”

Family weekend workshops – Cosmic Sounds

Kajetan Giziński. A different model of an artist – Kandinski as a theurgist

Television from the inside – the making of the regional television programme.

Workshop for kids. How to edit photos using imagination?

Adam Juszkiewicz. Photo-essay – outline, genre

(Polski) Agnieszka Kryst. Komponowanie ciała w czasie rzeczywistym

Voices of the cosmos III – audio-visual concert

Sources (in small format) – post-competition exhibition

Sebastian Soberski. Hidden colours and sounds of the Universe

Jarosław Kubisztal. Cinema Kitchen – Film and TV Images

Workshop for kids. Create your own Cosmos

Screening of “Blocks” film


Maciej Szymanowicz. Icons of 20th century photography

In the stream of time

Framing the world

Agnieszka Kryst. A Score

Daniel Sobota. Reason and madness

Agnieszka Kryst. Workshops

Yellow Island. Waldemar Kakareko painting

Residencies. Agnieszka Kryst. Łuczniczki

Marcin Sauter – Documentary photography and original documentary film

Workshop for kids – let’s design a movie poster

(Polski) Świat jest wspaniałym miejscem

(Polski) Bydgoska Akademia Sztuki 2017/2018 kalendarium

Barbara Bańkowska. Błonie residential district in 1960s.

FONOMO: Myriam Bleau. BNNT.

Photography workshops. Photographic narration

Family weekend workshops. Connect the points

Curatorial tour

Adam Juszkiewicz. Photographer – artist or craftsman?

Residencies. Katarzyna Dworaczyk. Przekonane_Przekonani

Workshop for kids. To be an artist

Zbigniew Jastrowski. Ad vocem

Magdalena Dreścik. Plastics Reserve

Workshop for kids. Estate of my dreams

Monika Rak. Linear strands. Between threads and fabric

The black-and-white world of 1960s in the photography of Ildefons Bańkowski

Diploma 2017 Exhibition of diploma works by the students of Interior Architecture at the University of Technology and Life Sciences

Piotr Alexander Grodzki. Fragile

Ryszard Wietecki from Bydgoszcz. Documentary

Magdalena Pela. “Finding a place is beginning to be the cause of endless troubles”

Wojciech Woźniak. 25 photos for 25 years

Presentation of the works by Ildefons Bańkowski

Petra Lindholm. Heat Wave

Paweł Grobelny. 1:2

(Polski) Monotypia – technika przypadku

Killedbycar. Release of a music video

Performance Night 2017

Jerzy Brukwicki. Interesting things in public and private collections of Polish contemporary art


Małgorzata Szymankiewicz. REFLECTING VIEW

Residencies 2017

Grzegorz Bednarski. Peccata


Piotr Tołoczko. Error – a gesture of crossing. Remarks on the role of errors and mistakes in the creative process

9th National Youth Biennial of Poster “Young Poster”

Danuta Pałys. A Glance at Icon

National Review of Awarded Diploma Works by Art School Students “DYPLOM 2017”

Joanna Bielska-Krawczyk. Presentation of visual art in literature

The Night of Museums 2017


Alicja Wieczorek. Memoir

Anna Kroplewska-Gajewska. Collection of the Polish art from the second half of the 20th century using the Toruń Museum as an example

Stanisław Matuszczak. Lithographs

Art at High Noon! Workshops for seniors

Barbara Chojnacka. Collecting contemporary graphics art in the Leon Wyczółkowski Regional Museum in Bydgoszcz

Slow Art Day


Magdalena Dworak-Mróz. Passion or obsession? Frenzy of Collecting – lecture

Photography workshops. Basics of working in an atelier – how to make an Easter card

Art at High Noon! Workshops for seniors

(Polski) Jerzy Czapiewski. Czego oczy nie widzą…

Workshop for kids – April and flowers

In a folk way… – workshop

Photography workshops. Urban Journey

Joanna Bielska-Krawczyk. Anthropological and cultural content included in the paintings from the collection of the District Museum in Toruń – lecture

Curatorial presentation of the “Vanitas” exhibition

(Polski) Do morza: Wizualne archiwum relacji ludzi i rzek

Short and long journeys – workshops

Stanisław Stasiulewicz. Bydgoskie „Redi-Medi”

Art at High Noon! Workshops for seniors

Anna Kroplewska-Gajewska. Shoes in the art of the 20th century – lecture

Photography workshops. Time

(Polski) Oprowadzanie kuratorskie po wystawie „Vanitas”

“Imagine…” – weekend workshop for children


Mobile in the Gallery

Agnieszka Wysocka. Architecture in the service of art – contemporary museums and galleries – lecture

Holidays in the Gallery

Marta Normington. Podróż jako stan umysłu / Journey as a state of mind

Art at High Noon! Workshops for seniors

(Polski) Tomasz F. de Rosset. Czy możemy jeszcze kolekcjonować sztukę? – wykład

Photography workshops

(Polski) Bezpłatny wstęp na wystawę

Karolina Pikosz. Coexistence

Marble Workshop

Tomasz Sińczak. The art of Igor Mitoraj – or the antiquity in modern times

Marta Szymielewicz. The same as yesterday.

Jerzy Brukwicki. Collections of socialist realism in Poland – lecture

Workshop for kids – Let’s play with snow

Touch III – on haptic art

Art market, or economy gone awry

Neighbours (in small format) – post competition exhibition

Graphics art in Bydgoszcz. Tradition and modernity


Paweł Grobelny – Designing for space

Workshop for kids – Where do designers look for inspiration?

Magdalena Solich. Painting

Anna Kroplewska-Gajewska. Painting and graphics of Stanisław Borysowski

Jerzy Brukwicki. On specific ways of presenting independent art in the 1980s – lecture

Jessica Lange. Unseen.

Stopped time. Panoramas of Bydgoszcz by Jerzy Riegel.

Franciszek Sylwanowicz – Still life with a plane in the background

Karolina Leśnik. Collecting relations

Bydgoszcz Academy of Art 2016/2017

(Polski) Fonomo. Zbigniew Libera – spotkanie autorskie

Michał Kubiak. Sculptural portrait and a personality

Polygonum 4

Andrzej Fedder. Feddrogliphs

Urszula Danielewska-Wietecka. Painting drawing

(Polski) Dziecko na warsztat – kalendarium

Natalia Kozieł. Switch.

Grzegorz Pleszyński. Points….. signs….. images

Ryszard Czajkowski. A Few Short Text Messages at the End of Summer

Katarzyna Dumka, Marta Szczepańska. I meet another one in his face

Teresa Miotke-Sowińska. Mark

(Polski) II Ogólnopolski Konkurs Malarski im. Leona Wyczółkowskiego

(Polski) Jerzy Brukwicki. Krzesło obiektem sztuki

(Polski) Oko nigdy nie śpi – prolog

(Polski) Noce z performance 2016. Miasto

(Polski) Aneta Urbańska. Moje

(Polski) Joanna Bielska-Krawczyk. Don Kichot w Toruniu – malowany, rysowany…

(Polski) Karuzela. Wystawa prac dzieci

Aleksandra Bartkowiak. Beyond words. Painting

(Polski) Andrzej Klimczak-Dobrzaniecki. Próba retrospektywy

Anna Sroczanka. Linocuts and tempers

(Polski) Barbara Chojnacka. Od drzeworytu do nowych mediów

(Polski) Bolesław Stelmach. Poszukiwania struktur.1997-2010

(Polski) Jerzy Brukwicki. Graficzny wymiar muzyki

(Polski) Dyplomy Wzornictwo 2016

Synthesis of Art 2016

Honorary award of the Association of Polish Architects 2015

(Polski) Lena Wicherkiewicz. Aspekty cielesności w najnowszej sztuce polskiej

ambasaDADA – paper dreams (exhibition of collages)

Art in the High! Workshop for seniors

Jerzy Brukwicki. Roadside crosses and shrines

International Salon of Anti-war Cartoon Kragujevac 2015

Anna Kola

Landscapes of Piotr Matuszek


Katarzyna Kulpińska. Polish Book Illustration (1900-2015) – ups and downs

Piotr Błażejewski. On the road – together with me

Małgorzata Jankowska – lecture

Piotr Zaporowicz. Mysterium Mundi

Marcin Szpak. Silent

Halina Witkowska. Drawings, paintings, graphics

Anna Kroplewska Gajewska. Dreams and illusions, reminiscences and experiments a dialogue between painter and the audience

Weekend with Beksiński

Sławomir Jasieniecki. Painting

Agnieszka Wysocka. Gardens of the twentieth century

Małgorzata Wawrzak. Between a sculpture and an (un)usual object

We (in a small format)

Jerzy Brukwicki. Posters as allies of theatre

Kinga Eliasz. Jazz photo

Agnieszka Wysocka. Modern theatres, opera houses and concert halls

Zdzisław Beksiński. Beyond Dream

Anna Kroplewska-Gajewska. How the painting of the 20th century has made the visible world unreal

Anna Kroplewska-Gajewska. How the painting of the 20th century has made the visible world unreal

Film seminar


Miłosz Matwijewicz. My painted world

European Action Station – Leave your trace

Agata Koczan. Open image

Stanisław Lejkowski. Sign of the time. 60 years of optimism

(Polski) Przedmiot

Nights with Performance 2015 – Identity

Pinhole photography workshops

Diploma 2015

Youth Poster

Hunting with the camera

3D Spaces of Cuiavia and Pomerania

Interior Design bachelor diplomas

European Night of Museums

Wanda Kosińska-Nowak. Portraits – flowers and faces

Synthesis of arts 2015

Ryszard Wietecki. Paintings

Design Diplomas 2015

More than one side of art

More than one side of art, or the family workshop

What do you see when you dont yawn?

Movies about art. ONIRICA – Psie Pole

Janusz Michalski. Limited Space. Photo exhibition

Pinhole photography workshops



More than one side od art.The family workshop

What do you see when you dont yawn?

Stanisław Stasiulewicz. Bydgoszcz Spiral,s – collages mix-mash, paintings…

Pinhole photography workshops

Marcin Sauter. Sadness of Journey

Romuald Fajtanowski. Photography. Decade 2004-2014

Funka XXX

Tadeusz Dołkowski. Painting

Waht do you see when you don’t yawn?

(Polski) Konkurs Dzieło Roku

Home (in small format) – post competition exhibition

Ryszard Horowitz. RH 75

Movies about art


17TH International Salon of Antiwar Cartoon

Tuchola Pinewoods – insirations

Katarzyna Rymarz. Epigram for a neighbour


Bydgoszcz Academy of Art 2014/2015.

Marcin Zaborski. Suspicious Situations


Justyna Jułga. Rainforest


Zdzisław Walczak. It was a world in a very old style…

Tim Haynes and Piotr Matuszek

What do you see when you do not yawn?

Gagik Aroutiunian. House of Memories

Performance Nights 2014 – Where is my home

Boiler Room. Bydgoszcz review of children and young people’s art.

Jolanta Wdowczyk. Designing opposition

Art-Brut in Bydgoszcz

Olga Szczechowska. Forest Body




Anna Hetman. Betrieb. Melancholy


_rurality video salon

Jan Gordon. Linocut


Oldřicha Škácha. Václav Havel At Your Fingertips

Tadeusz Wieczorek. RESONANCE 2013-2014



(Polski) Andrzej Maziec. Wprasowanki

Art and film workshops


(Polski) Ulice – wystawa pokonkursowa

Janusz Kaniewski. Design: Illustration

Maria Kraśnicka. Winter

Gabriela Trynkler. City – genius loci

(Polski) Bydgoska Akademia Sztuki 2013/2014. Kalendarium

Władysław Hasior.

Jerzy Ludwik Brzuskiewicz.

Jakub Elwertowski. Travemünde

Janusz Maciej Kochanowski. Autumn changes

Marek Noniewicz. NEGATIVE

Contemporary art of Japan. A 21 group. Osaka 21 – Japan


Maria Kubit. Face




Wojciech Woźniak. Birth in Art

Run with us

Julia Curyło. God’s particle. 8-14TeV

Adam Nowacki. Painting

Agata Czarnecka. Shades of storm

Wojciech Woźniak. Sentiments

Festival – Synthesis of Arts 2013

Jolanta Czerwińska-Smagieł. On the windowsill. Photography

Aleksander Dętkoś. Sculpture

Viola Kuś. In the Tension of the Overheated Neurons

Iwona Liegmann. Echo Reflex Me

Joanna Sitko. Notions

Maria Podgórska – Ritter. Installations

Three decades. Romuald Oramus, Stanisław Sobolewski

Painting Landscape. The Year of Leon Wyczółkowski

Inspired by Wyczółkowski

Marek Noniewicz . Look from Beyond the Grave

David Lynch. Lithographs

The Walls project

Ryszard Wietecki. Finds from the future

Agnieszka Krawiec (Stańczyk). Painting

Tomasz Dobiszewski. Fixations

Bydgoszcz Academy of Art 2012/2013

Janusz Kochanowski. Flowers

(Polski) Krzysztof Gruse. Zbiór otwarty – wybór prac z lat 1986-2012

Opening. Meetings with pinhole photography

Dariusz Stopikowski. Assemblages

Iwona Banaszewska. Painting

Paweł Lewandowski-Palle. Many meanings of painting

Karolina Suchodolska. Mirages

(Polski) Karolina Suchodolska. Miraże

Anna Kutera. Newspaper Love


My world


Kid Art Bus

Wojciech Woźniak. My air

Piotr Tołoczko. Biografia linii

Maciej Cuske. Silence – Exercise 1. Old Bookstore. Suburban Train

The night of muzeums

Krystyna Panasik. Sculptress

Pierre Pirson. Beginning of Infinity

Exhibitions of diploma works by the students of design

Marcel Łoziński.. Anything can happen. Tonia and her children.

Tomasz Junik. Beginning

Subject accustomed. Sculpture – Academic community from Toruń

Katarzyna Kuś. 7 sins

Systems subject to change

Secrets of the work of a reporter and a documentary film maker

Wojciech Staroń. Argentinian Lesson


Painting new or not new? Panel discussion


Bridges, painting and photography

“Smuggling of Art” Cruise, or Polish seniors go to Sweden

(Polski) Paweł Łoziński. Spotkanie autorskie

Andrzej Wajda. Drawings

New tendencies in polish painting 2

(Polski) Krzysztof Wierzbicki. Spotkanie autorskie

Tomasz Bukowski

(Polski) Ignacy Bulla. Twarze

Camera at art at the Municipal Gallery bwa

Jarosław Sankowski. Reaction

Ireneusz Kopacz. Structures and Collages

Disconnected images/ Rozłączone obrazy

Bydgoszcz Rebellious Autumn

Wally Pfister. Photographs

(Polski) Stefan Paruch. Truchła

Sylwester Ambroziak. Glass beads

(Polski) Andrew Bartosz. Akt – malarstwo

Performance Night 2011


(Polski) Wystawa dyplomów kierunku Wzornictwo

(Polski) Dyplom 2011. Ogólnopolski przegląd wyróżnionych prac dyplomowych uczniów szkół plastycznych

6th All-Poland Youth Biennale – Posters Of The Young


Miłosz Matwijewicz

(Polski) Noc Muzeów 2011

Waldemar Byrger 1943-2001

Rock&Rollowa of art history

Solidarity with Cuba

Joanna Pałys. Objects

Work Of The Year 2010

(Polski) Jacek Bławut. Spotkanie autorskie

(Polski) Andrzej Fidyk. Spotkanie autorskie


Garden of Dreams

(Polski) Ukryta Dekada. Polska sztuka wideo 1985-1995. Z kolekcji WRO

(Polski) Leszek Dawid. Spotkanie autorskie

Gerdine Duijsens. Painting


Jerzy Riegel

Ewa Miller. Reminiscences Of A Journey – Studies

One Dog

Natalia Karłowska. Shots of memory

(Polski) Noce z performance 2010

Hanna Ewa Masojada. Constellations

(Polski) Hallo!

Michał Marczak. The end of Russia

(Polski) Noc Muzeów 2010

Adam Papke. Watercolours

Structure of things. Structure of emotions. Structure

(Polski) Wojciech Kaniowski

Jolanta Dylewska. PO-LIN. SHREDS OF MEMORY

(Polski) Katarzyna Hałas-Łożykowska. Sekrety. Szkło, rysunek

Where are we going?

Katarzyna Łyszkowska

Inside – Out

Beata Kaźmierczak. RE KREACJA

Marcin Sauter. Photography 2005-2009

(Polski) Natalia Mentkowska. Kraina bliska memu sercu

(Polski) Bartosz Ślusarski

(Polski) Dzieło Roku 2009

(Polski) Patrycja Mastej, Mirosław Rajkowski, Dawid Marcinkowski. Instalacje Interaktywne


(Polski) Noce z Performance 2009


Zbigniew Jastrowski. Postscriptum

(Polski) Otwarte Pracownie Bydgoszcz

Road to Freedom

Jolanta Kuszaj. Finland and Provoking boxes

Inside Out

(Polski) Piotr Matuszek. Malarstwo i rysunek

(Polski) Dariusz Gackowski. Art-kartki. Fotografie

Marek Model. Painting and latest drawings

Paintings by Kuba Elwertowski

Daniel Brogyányi, Martin Kudla, Rado Repický. Young Slovaks

Andy Warhol

Dorota Podlaska. Courtyard

Show me yours

(Polski) Akademia Sztuki 2009. Kalendarium

Anna Pikuła. A Man in My Space

Jerzy Gurda. Paintings and posters

Katarzyna Adaszewska. Mom, dad

Human Rights through an Artist Eyes

Jacek Jędrzejczak. Ego

The international project. Art in the City

Jerzy Boniński.Photography

Barbara Łuczkowiak. Painting. Tapestries

Barbizon on the Volga / Barbizon on the Vistula

Beata Pflanz. BIG RED

Ewa Aksienionek. Battery-powered Relationships

Jerzy Puciata. Towards the light

Gruse-Hajncel – Meeting II

Bydgoszcz in Sydney

Homeland, give your life to heroes


Zdzisław Nowak-Czarny

Contemporary Lithuanian Art

(Polski) Noc z Performance 2008

Night of Culture

(Polski) Noc Kulturalna.

Videoart Presentation

Artistic workshop

Photography workshop. Collage for dummies

Marek AK – Magic city

(Polski) Ekspozycja prac artystów bydgoskich

The exhibition celebrating 50th

Grzegorz Pleszyński. Performance

Contemporary art from Bydgoszcz

Justyna Grzebieniowska. Painting

I feel green

Musical con-front-actions

Zbigniew Papke. My Landscape Ars Aquae

(Polski) Życie moje

Karolina Stępniowska – Play with me

Yannis Kopsinis. The Observer

Panel discussion – Painting!

Photographic workshops for children and young people


WRO in Tour 07


Alternating current

(Polski) S-Forma

Konstantinas Bogdanas. For the unknown artist

Living Video

(Polski) Agnieszka Elwertowska. Malarstwo


Invisible map of Wrocław

He leads us through the paths of truth. Karol Wojtyła 1952 – 1954


(Polski) Noce z performance 2007

Performance:open situation. Tomas Ruller, HK Zamani, Alastair MacLennan, Zygmunt Piotrowski

Teresa Murak. Open Vessels

Pablo Picasso. Grafiki

2007 Graduation

Photography From Ningbo

(Polski) Piotr Zaporowicz. Malarstwo

Adideacje. Installation, Movie, Photography

Russian Non-conformists

(Polski) Dzieło Roku 2006

(Polski) Stanisław Lejkowski

Discussion panel accompanying the exhibition: New Tendencies in Polish Painting

Video art by Krzysztof Skarbek

Jerzy Bereś. Runda I

New trends in polish painting

(Polski) Agata Urbańska, Katarzyna Łyszkowska

Holland. Fotografie. Malerei. Skulptur

Grzegorz Pleszyński. Antidepressant Office


Wojciech Woźniak

Peter Brandt

Anni Rapinoja

Kaisu Koivisto

Piotr C. Kowalski

(Polski) Noce z performance 2006

Performance Nights 2006

Barbara Tomacka-Siara. Andrzej Maciej Łubowski

(Polski) Joanna Kielichowska. Portrety

Ingeborg Strobl

Joachim Fleischer. About Light

Lukas Kramer. From fluid-system to greenspace

(Polski) Konkurs Dzieło Roku

(Polski) Jarosław Nowak. Grafika

(Polski) Spotkanie z prof. Andrzejem Paczkowskim

(Polski) Pokaz filmów polskich z okresu realizmu socjalistycznego


Wojtek Woźniak

New Art From Sweden

(Polski) Noce z performance 2005

(Polski) Noc z Performance 2005

(Polski) Karolina Górska. Grafika

Salvador Dali. Graphics

(Polski) Prix Ars Electronica Computer Animation 2000-2004

The Bible in Art.

(Polski) Tomasz Dobiszewski. Fotografia

(Polski) Xymena Jastrowska. Fotografia

Ulrich Karlkurt Kõhler. Graphics and objects

Violka Kuś. The lecturer s summer school – Lesson 5

(Polski) Małgorzata Maciejewska. Malarstwo

Dorota Jajko-Sankowska. Painting

Ewa Gordon. Double Game. Graphics

Piotr Jargusz. Made in Poland

(Polski) Marta Rosenthal. Rysunek

(Polski) Pedagodzy Wyższych Uczelni

Retransmisja Vol.1 Videoart Festiwal

Harald Scherz. One Way. Instalacja Video

Mike Abrahams. Faith

Jerzy Bereś. Material Evidence

Marek Noniewicz. Reconstructions Of Space

Grupa n@płocie. Black-White – Search For

Barbara Łuczkowiak-Michalska. Tapestries, Collages, Paintings

5th Review of Bydgoszcz Photography

Alojzy Lemański. Sculpture

Moments Of Presence 1979 – 2004

Continuance. The Summer Show-Room Of Bydgoszcz Art

(Polski) Noc z Performance 2004

Night with performance 2004

(Polski) Funka

Erna Rosenstein

(Polski) Jerzy Nowosielski

Masterpieces of Polish painting in the collection of the Lvov Gallery of Art

(Polski) Katarzyna Rymarz. Malarstwo


(Polski) Sztuka Konserwacji

(Polski) Kragujevac 2003

(Polski) Stan wojenny. Spojrzenie po dwudziestu latach

(Polski) Mistrzowie sztuki bydgoskiej

Tirol Transfer

(Polski) Mieczysław Szczęsny. Portrety

Mariusz Gill. Works without title

(Polski) Rafał Nowak. Słowo jest wewnątrz

(Polski) Marcin Sauter. Kawałek świata. Fotografie

(Polski) Lech Wolski. Malarstwo

(Polski) I Międzynarodowe Biennale Pasteli

We come with art

Johan Van Geluwe. Leszek Przyjemski

(Polski) Dyplom PLSP 2003

Magdalena Abakanowicz

Six traces of a brush

(Polski) Muzyczny Performance

Wir My

Susanne Nietmann

(Polski) Performance Art

(Polski) Wystawa ZPAP

(Polski) Video Art

(Polski) Adoramus Te! Przestrzenie Wewnętrzne

Tadeusz Kantor. Theater

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