fot. Jerzy Riegel

Stopped time. Panoramas of Bydgoszcz by Jerzy Riegel.
Jerzy Riegel was born in 1931 in Bydgoszcz. Typographer. Since 1967, a member of the Union of Polish Photographers. Works with black-and-white photography. Master of isohelia. The author of several individual exhibitions, member of several group exhibitions (Bydgoszcz, Poland, Europe)
Jerzy Riegel has taken hundreds of photos. He photographed architecture, people who are well-known and who are anonymous, nature with extraordinary images of trees – memory of places that he wanted to photograph and random ones. But Bydgoszcz from Jachcice to Fordon is closest to him – its splendid places, as well as those ordinary or poor. Many of the images are history. Some shots cannot be repeated any more. They have become things of the past, memories of the image of the city. And such will be the character of another exhibition, during which Riegel will present panoramas of our city: its old part, down town, Jachcice and Fordon, made with the old technique of using a lens with a standard focal length, and then carefully composed in a photographic darkroom. This exhibition closes the celebration of the 670th anniversary of granting the city rights to Bydgoszcz.
curators of the exhibition: Elżbieta Kantorek, Marta Bindek
08.11.2016 – 08.12.2016
opening 08.11.2016 (Tuesday), 6pm

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