Wzornictwo PBŚ– Dyplomy 2022, fot. dostarczona przez R. Fajtanowskiego

Design is a creative activity aimed at obtaining specific features of objects, it is the whole creative process of their creation. Characteristic features of design should be creativity and innovation, setting trends, searching for new creative solutions, openness to the needs of the market combined with the designer’s original vision. The objects, products, services produced in this way are the effect of this creative process and for this reason, the design turns out to be a two-dimensional concept defining both the process and the effect of this process.
If we look around us, we suddenly find that we are confronted with the results of the work of designers at almost every turn. Their creative path usually begins at university, where they develop their design talents from the very beginning under the guidance of academic staff – practising designers. As a result, they enter the professional path without complexes, often already with interesting achievements and mature projects ready for implementation. Some of our students’/graduates’ projects have permanently inscribed themselves in Bydgoszcz’s urban space, others are awaiting completion and will soon be displayed, for example, in the interiors of the former “Pod Łabędziem” Pharmacy or on the Mill Island
Finalists of numerous national and international competitions, enthusiasts with an interdisciplinary background, with youthful imagination and energy, with professionalism.
Projects from the Department of Design are so interesting that they are increasingly finding interest from external bodies. The strength of the offer is its diversity. The projects cover many spheres of design – from toys, furniture, home furnishings, medical products, textiles, packaging to means of transport and objects functioning in urban space. A sample of these skills will be on display at the graduation exhibition.
Every year at this time you have the opportunity to see the effects of the work of design students completing their education at first and second degree courses at the Bydgoszcz Technical University. This is the twelfth edition of the presentation of graduation works that have been previously defended and then shown in the hospitable Municipal Gallery bwa. A special aspect of this year’s exhibition is that the diploma projects presented were largely created during the pandemic period. Can the choice of the topics of the works be linked to this circumstance? See for yourselves.
Romuald Fajtanowski
curators: Sara Betkier, Weronika Poręba
coordination:: Danuta Pałys

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