opening of the exhibition: 25.11.2009, at 19.00
the exhibition accompanies the 5th edition of the MÓZG FESTIVAL
The idea is to refer to the classic form of portrait, extremely popular in the past ages, currently revived as a starting point for various unconventional activities. Portraits by Wojciech Zamiara are not presentations or attempt to get into the person being portrayed, and although formally the works have a lot in common with classic portraits, the artist is interested in the process, in the situation that’s taking place. Let’s imagine we enter a darkened room, there’s silence there disturbed only by a monotonous hum of projectors, and in a single moment when we stand in the middle of the room, several pairs of eyes focus on us. His formally simple, multidimensional and multi-layered undertakings are based on inquisitive observation of the world. The works, firmly planted in reality, are often based on jokes. The “Patrzę” (I look) exhibition is a part of a larger project, on which the artist has been working since August 2008. Zamiara makes long video sequences consisting of video-portraits, also based on the convention of a joke. /… /
Anna Lewińska (a fragment of review of Wojciech Zamiara “Patrzę” (I look) exhibition BWA, Zielona Góra 2009)

WOJCIECH ZAMIARA born in Torun in 1960. Grew up in Bydgoszcz. In 1981-86, studied design graphics. Since 1986, assistant to Witosław Czerwonka in the Study of the Basics of Artistic Design; since 1990, in the Intermedia Study of the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk. Since 2003, in the Intermedia Department at the Faculty of Sculpture. Since its beginning, he’s been cooperating with the Mózg; sometimes he programs it. He does spatial installations and performance. Works with stage design, graphics art for publications and screen, animations and video. Several hundred exhibitions, performances and presentations.

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