On August 28th, another stage of the “Art in the City” project was presented. On Wyspa Młyńska in Bydgoszcz, in the windows and doors of Rother&acutes Mill, a local photographer Wojciech Woźniak placed big-format prints of his photographs. The installation is called “Inside Outside”.

“OUTSIDE INSIDE” is a project based only on photographic representation which is light, time, space and the thing that is most important the sensation, impression or experience of photography. It touches upon a very delicate “matter” of our existence which is a simple life based on true and honest principles, and on the other hand the resulting dependence related to the title of the work, where Outside – is the window, and Inside – the mirror. My work is a delicate attempt at keeping the balance between them. The simple relationship between the pictures of interiors shown outside
and the pictures of windows taken in the districts of Bydgoszcz, placed
in the window openings is some kind of a way of looking at the world, and the mirror of self-consciousness, our attitudes, expectations and
stereotypes. By my work I am only indicating the problem that is
particularly the direct correlation of human behaviour, of people who seemingly are close to each other, based on truth or lie. On the other hand, I am also interested directly in the “existence of Bydgoszcz streets”, where the source of my actions are seemingly expressionless windows, that is OUTSIDE. I tried to make my work as humble and austere as my district, deprived of any ćsthetically pleading elements, and at the same time, intriguing in its stark form. The windows, chosen and photographed from among several hundreds,
stylised by the residents of the flats, quite often falsify the history of their real emotions, feelings and views.
For my actions, I deliberately chose so called Rother&acutes Mill, located in the central point of Bydgoszcz – Wyspa Młyńska, which is the object of many visits by the tourists, but also of speculation over what is going to happen with it. Presenting the OUTSIDE INSIDE photographs, I take part in the discussion concerning the future of the building.
The effect of my actions will be big-format close-ups placed in the empty window openings and entrances to the building. /Wojciech Woźniak/

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