March 3-24, 2005. The BWA Gallery of Bydgoszcz presents the project of Violka Kuś THE LECTURER S SUMMER SCHOOL – Lesson 5: learn how to ride a horse while keeping your balance. The whole project comprises of six lessons, in which the artist raises social problems.

Each lesson is illustrated by a separate installation and handbook. Lesson 5 RIDER AND HORSE IN BALANCE was based on a pre-war horse-riding handbook. By participating in Lesson 5, you will enjoy the wonderful tradition of Polish horse-riding, hear the stories told by the heroes of this lesson, and maybe… find your own story and take a leap to gain balance – feeling that your mind and body are free. On the bench we ll find a handbook for individual studying of the knowledge it contains, which deals with overcoming both physical and psychic obstacles. Violka Kuś s Lesson 5 will help notice the fact that contemporary people may lack clear, constant reference points, and most probably that s why a distracted man very often feels like a rider searching in solitude for balance. We twist, jump over numerous obstacles, dash fast to avoid other riders catching up with us. Then, we often realise that even though we can shape our abilities on our own to some extent, the start itself isnt equal for everyone, and the success depends on a number of factors on which we don t have any influence.

Exhibition: 2005.03.03 – 2005.03.24

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