Uauproject, Things of ravvve small vase

The exhibition “Layers” will present objects created in the studio of the Warsaw duo Uauproject between 2017 and 2021. The exhibition consists of several collections of functional forms including the latest, “Things of Ravvve,” which premièred online during Dutch Design Week. Now for the first time in an offline version. This is a collection inspired by rave parties and pandemic online techno parties. The exhibition will also feature other objects at the intersection of art and design that are more than just functional objects. Each object was created layer by layer in 3D printing technology on FDM printers.
Justyna Fałdzińska and Miłosz Dąbrowski form the Warsaw-based studio Uauproject. They are graduates of the Faculty of Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. They also studied at Escola Superior de Artes et Design in Porto, Portugal. They mainly design using modern technologies, focusing heavily on 3D printing. In their work, they use bioplastic from renewable sources such as cornmeal, which is also 100% recyclable. Recently they have been experimenting with prints made from recycled PET. Their work has been shown at exhibitions in New York, Paris, Frankfurt or in Eindhoven during Design Weeks. For five years, they have also curated exhibitions on new technologies and design at Gdynia Design Days. Teachers at School of Form. Winners of the A’ Design Award 2016 in the Sustainable Products Projects and Green Design category, the Cleverest Design Award 2019 by Architectural Digest monthly, six Must Have awards (2016-2019), Designers of the Year Arena Design 2020.

curator – Karolina Rybka
09.04.2021 – 29.05.2021
3 Gdańska St.

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