Tomasz Junik – born in 1980 graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznań; got his diploma in 2008, in the study of Professor Jacek Adamczak. He paints, draws, does computer graphics and animation. Tomasz Junik constructs his works using lively, pure colours, acting intensively through the contrast of warm and cold hues. Color determines the form closed with a line — most often powerful and expressive. The line sets compositional divisions and the hue contrasts create spatial layouts. The author emphasizes the foreground, often introducing strong close-ups. He uses a very simplified, even caricatural form. His works impose associations with naive art, as well as with a formal system used in the poster art and illustration. His freely shaped images show certain expression in the way the colour patches are laid out and the outlines are formed. While in images colours and hue contrasts are important, the graphics are dominated by lines and strokes. Tomasz’s works are based on painting sketches, which form the base for canvas works, and then, processed in the computer, acquire new, graphical qualities. Tomasz Junik is interested in everyday life which takes place on the streets and in the houses. He is interested in man and interpersonal relations. He creates peculiar portraits and “scenes” of close, random meetings of people he illustrates fragments of the reality around us. In his paintings and graphical works he combines humour and grotesque, realism and metaphor. He paints, draws, creates animations he has already created dozens of works, and the exhibition will be the beginning of his artistic creation presented for the assessment of the people about whom he tells and doesn’t tell in his works.
Elżbieta Kantorek

Exhibition: 2012.03.23 – 2012.04.24

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