Tim Haynes lives and works in Wirksworth (Derbyshire, United Kingdom). He is the author of several projects in the United Kingdom, Turkey, Poland. Since 2011, he has been collaborating with the Municipal Gallery bwa and the Kantorek Gallery in Bydgoszcz. He creates installations based on light, sound, film, video. He constantly develops and changes the form of his works. He leads a discourse on the possibilities of new technologies that change almost daily and on the life conditioned by the pace of changes. Examination of meaning, of the essence of life is the basis of his artistic activities. Using new media, he confronts and proposes a creative attitude. He invites other artists to participate in his activities, together with them constructing a new, multi layered artistic space. For his August project, Tim invited Piotr Matuszek, an artist from Bydgoszcz, whose work he’s been fascinated for a long time. Piotr Matuszek, author of more than twenty solo exhibitions. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow under Prof. Jan Szancenbach, and still is faithful to painting. He’s not interested in other technologies and new media. All his attention is focused on the easel, canvas or cardboard using colour, he constructs his representational, extremely expressive works. He paints genre scenes, landscapes, still lifes, portraits diverse topics. But these images are always a reflection of his emotional states they are very personal. He never comments on anything. „Art or creativity is a magical power” that’s Piotr Matuszek’s saying. This magical power determines the lives of both artists. And what the August project will be only Tim Haynes knows.

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