I’m interested in many areas of art, from architecture, to interior decoration and furnishing, to artistic and functional pottery, to painting, and especially portrait in painting and sculpture. It was difficult for me to focus on one discipline and make a significant mark there, and I wanted to prove myself in many domains, including pedagogy.
The works I’m presenting now are the result of my favourite discipline pottery. These are the works of the last two years glazed porcelite burnt in a ceramic kiln. This is a material that is very difficult technically, inconsistent during processing, the results cannot be predicted in the final stage, but this material is fascinating, when one takes this risk before the final firing. (Teresa Miotke-Sowińska)
Teresa Miotke-Sowińska was born in Wyrzysko. Since 1947, she is been living and working in Bydgoszcz. In 1974, she graduated from the Faculty of Interior Design of the State College of Fine Arts in Gdańsk. In 1974-1976, she designed interiors and small architecture. From 1976 till 1982, she was the senior assistant at the Faculty of Architecture and Construction of the Academy of Technology and Agriculture in Bydgoszcz. Since 1982, together with her husband she runs her own art and functional pottery studio, and since 1990, she also designs interiors and industrial forms. She participated in exhibitions in Poland and abroad.

opening of the exhibition 29.06.2016, 6pm;
exhibition open until 28.07.2016
curator of the exhibition: Marta Bindek

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