Opening 21.04.2017 6pm – Municipal Gallery bwa in Bydgoszcz Gdańska 20
8pm Feliks Nowowiejski Academy of Music Gdańska 20 – concert of Chamber Orchestra “Accademia dell’Arco” of the Academy of Music, conducted by Prof. Paweł Radziński

“The idea of combining fields of art has been observed since ancient times.
Dance always works with music. From the days of the Greek, theatre was always a word, a stage gesture, a set design. Cinema is colour, so it combines with painting, music and literature. Modern media use various complementary means. We understand these types of artistic expression, we treat them as obvious and natural. At the same time, classic, independent fields of creation which functioning independently, such as painting, sculpture, graphics, poetry, literature or music, are doing fine. Often, the artists working in these domains, but the audience as well, don’t notice or disregard the contexts that affect the readability of the message of a work of art, both the aesthetic one and the factual one. However, these contexts are of cardinal importance, in what way and to what extent we are able, as the audience, to read the message, and, as the creators, to express it. There are many such contexts. Those contexts are important: historical, cultural, spatial – in this of proximity, material or functional. Either way, they define the state of consciousness determining the ability of perception, or creating a message, since every work, regardless of the material, constitutes a transfer of thought expressed in a language. The knowledge of this language and the extent of this knowledge determine whether we are able to speak – write or read simple or complex forms. The second condition, apart from the knowledge of the techniques, is the intellectual ability to create a thought – volatile, full of meaning, carrying content, because what is the point of knowing a language when you have nothing to say?. Without exception, all the fields of art , and broader – of creation, work according to this pattern. Here, we touch upon the problem of thought closed in form. If we are able to express the same thought in different languages – in different forms, in different media – then our imagination and intellect will greatly increase the scope of their capabilities. The effect is a simpler, more synthetic, more readable form, achieved in an optimal amount of gestures and means. We are right here with the definition of design, where the content of the message is a function, or more precisely, its realisation. The function of a pencil is writing, but, after the evolution, we write on the smartphones. The function of a chair is sitting. The evolution is still a chair, despite differences in materials and form, or mechanisms. Maybe innovative thinking will lead us to the form of levitating trousers… Design is also creation – inventing new things. Tools are knowledge, imagination, the ability to draw inspiration from various sources. Science or nature are inexhaustible collections of ready-to-use, perfect solutions free of errors that burden a man’s work. Designing is using a form – a domain of sculpture with a whole set of designata: proportions, textures, working of material. Construction requires engineering knowledge and imagination. Color is painting with its psychophysiological influence, determining the way of reading the form and creating relationships with the environment. Synthesis of arts, therefore, is a system of complex techniques, ways of dealing with with material, colours and graphic means and music …
The “Synthesis of Arts 2017” festival is already the 5th edition of the event organised by the Department of Design at the University of Technology and Life Sciences in Bydgoszcz in partnership with the City Council, the Municipal Gallery bwa in Bydgoszcz, the Academy of Music in Bydgoszcz, the University of Art in Poznań and the National University in Khmelnitsky in Ukraine. The presented works are from different areas of art – from the theses of the design students, through the objects designed by teachers and works from the areas of various arts by invited established artists. This is a presentation of the artistic and design potential that exists and is possible in Bydgoszcz due to the openness of people and institutions. It’s a chance for industry, the residents and anyone who needs beauty. The Faculty of Design – designing beautiful things – has been present in Bydgoszcz for 10 years, educating specialists who are so needed in the region.
It is so important for Bydgoszcz to know about it.”

Professor Wojciech Hora
Artistic Director of the
Synthesis of Arts 2017 Festival

Organizers of the Synthesis of Arts Exhibition 2017:
Zakład Wzornictwa Wydział Inżynierii Mechanicznej Uniwersytetu Technologiczno – Przyrodniczego
im. Jana i Jędrzeja Śniadeckich w Bydgoszczy
Galeria Miejska bwa w Bydgoszczy
Wydział Architektury i Wzornictwa Uniwersytetu Artystycznego w Poznaniu
Wydział Rzeźby i Działań Przestrzennych Uniwersytetu Artystycznego w Poznaniu
Katedra Rysunku i Grafiki Projektowej Uniwersytetu Narodowego w Chmielnickim (Ukraina)
Akademia Muzyczna im. Feliksa Nowowiejskiego w Bydgoszczy

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