On May 8th, 2015, at 5pm, there will be the opening of another, third edition of the „SYNTHESIS OF ARTS „ festival.
This is an event organised by the Department of Design at the University of Technology and Life Sciences, together with Partners.
The idea behind the festival is to present the creative activities of artists who are „intellectually associated „ with Bydgoszcz and representing many areas of creation. The key idea of the festival is Thought, translated and verbalised in all the „languages „, which undoubtedly are painting, sculpture, graphic art, music or design arts. This Thought is the unifying factor for intellectual expression, it’s the content of a work which is always the medium for the Thought. It is important that in the public awareness the various fields of art become a non-aesthetic value as exactly a medium for THOUGHT, IDEA, VALUE…
The concert of the Orchestra of the Music Academy will be an important element of the presentation of the unity of creation, and the exhibition of this year’s Design diplomas will complete the picture of the utilitarian activities of the University for Bydgoszcz and the region.
The exhibition is dedicated to everyone who wants to see what is design, from the practical and the intellectual side. What is the education in this area, and how important it is to understand all artistic activities.
/Prof. Dr Wojciech Hora/
Exhibition open until 31.05.2015

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