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Susanne Nietmann, using the signs of pop culture, creates her own language, full of metaphysical and classical references. It a witty language, but, at the same time, inducing to reflection. A reflection over the sacral dimension of consumption culture, and the alienation of a man in relation to nature.
To achieve that, she moves millenniums from “here and now” and takes a look at our world from such perspective. In Nietmann works we can find a distance from our reality. In an archćological, and poetically ironic way she deals in her works with the relics of the present day. She touches upon difficult subjects without grandiloquent language. The other side of her art is deeply rooted in the nature. With her works, she draws attention to the relation between the man and the environment. She reminds: we are a part of the nature, and whatever we do, we are not able to change it. Return to childhood and the puzzles solved then might be helpful in understanding of Susanne Nietmann art. In the same way as with solving riddles, we can guess the meaning hidden among the subjects and objects, in drawing and in space.
The exhibition&acutes curator Susanne Nietmann

Exhibition: 2003.02.08 – 2003.03.07

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