Stanisław Stasiulewicz was born in 1955. Studied and graduated (in 1983) at the Faculty of Easel Painting in the studio of Prof. Jan Szancenbach at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow. Since 1985, he has been active in the artistic life of Bydgoszcz (Kruchta Gallery, Pomyśl o Sztuce, Trytony). Since 1990, has been cooperating with the Kantorek Gallery. In 1990, co-founder, together with Krzysztof Gruse and Zbigniew Zielinski, of the Szkoła Bydgoska art group. From 1993 till 1999, Chairman of the Board of the District of Association of Polish Artists in Bydgoszcz. In 1994, holder of the scholarship of the Pollock-Krasner Foundation in New York. The author of 36 individual exhibitions. His works are in the collection of the Museum in Bydgoszcz. Honoured with the Golden Badge of the Association of Polish Artists.
Cycles of works: „Obrazy Bydgoskie” (Bydgoszcz Paintings), „Obrazy Jass-ne” (Jass-light Paintings), „Obrazy Piękne” (Beautiful Paintings), „Obrazy Nowe” (New Paintings), „deformart”.

In 1959, on the initiative of the Association of Polish Artists (ZPAP) and the Society of Friends of Art (TPS) in Bydgoszcz, the Little Salon of Art was established. It was the place where the ZPAP office was; where TPS conducted its activities; and the Bureau of Art Exhibitions in Bydgoszcz organised individual exhibitions of Bydgoszcz artists in the years 1974-1989. In 1990, the Kantorek Gallery was formed by Wiesława Dubrowin and Elżbieta Kantorek. In 2008, the Kantorek Gallery became a branch (while keeping the name) of the Municipal gallery bwa in Bydgoszcz. The wheel of history made a full circle.

Individual and group presentations by Stanisław Stasiulewicz, in the gallery at 3 Gdańska St. (until September 1990 Al. 1 Maja 3):
1988 Jest więcej niż widać (There’s more than you can see)
1990 Graphics Krzysztof Gruse, Stanisław Stasiulewicz, Zbigniew Zieliński
1990 Painting, graphics, fabric (Leszek Goldyszewicz, Krzysztof Gruse, Danuta Michałowska, Ewa Pankiewicz, Yach Paszkiewicz, Dorota Podlaska, Stanisław Stasiulewicz, Danuta Szenfeld, Andrzej Wąsik, Zbigniew Zieliński)
1991 Świetlica (Recreation Room, with Krzysztof Gruse and Zbigniew Zieliński)
1991 Dziennik (Diary) Wąsik, Szenfeld, Stasiulewicz, Podlaska, Zieliński
1991 Zaczarowany zamek (Enchanted Castle), Dorota Podlaska and Stanisław Stasiulewicz (after their participation in the international open-air in Krasiczyn)
1992 Wycinanki (Cut-outs)
1992 Portrait painting, pastel
1996 Obrazy Bydgoskie (Bydgoszcz Paintings)
2003 Obrazy Jass-ne (Jass-light Paintings) 25 years of creative work
2006 Bydgoskie Rogi (Bydgoszcz Corners)
2008 Ojczyzno, oddaj życie bohaterom (Homeland, Give Your Life to Heroes) 25 years of creative work
2008-2011 Kasetka Szkoła Bydgoskiej (Casket of the Szkoła Bydgoska

Several months ago, I asked Stach to prepare an exhibition for February 2015. He agreed he would create an exposition that would be a peculiar story about his own artistic work and the activities of the Gallery. I asked Stach, because he is connected with this place, where I work., almost from the beginning. And he’s always here. He’s become a Friend of the Gallery and I think of mine. And for me, February 2015 is important and significant. 25 years ago, I changed my life, quitting the job at the Bydgoszcz Museum. For better and for worse, together with Wiesia we opened a private gallery, hoping that the future will be bright. But not everyone can be famous and rich. For 18 years, the Gallery earned its living. I am very satisfied that it wasn’t just a commercial gallery. During that time, some 120 openings were held at the gallery. I’m not able to list here all the artists who presented their works in the Kantorek. The creators and their works make the history of the Little Salon of Art and the Kantorek Gallery. I’m preparing such a publication if I’m strong enough and can find a publisher, it will be printed next year. Bydgoszcz Spirals… by Stach Stasiulewicz is the 68th exposition prepared in cooperation with my colleagues from the Municipal Gallery bwa. I stress the fact that these always were the exhibitions of artists from Bydgoszcz and associated with Bydgoszcz. (Elżbieta Kantorek)

We fly, fly, making curves and spirals… and then fly on, until we’re ready to drop. Ela’s invitation to prepare my exhibition for the 25th anniversary of her dealing with art that „threatens with death” touched my emotions. Because it’s our common holiday. Going through the archives of photos and videos documenting the exhibitions, we watched the 10th anniversary of the Kantorek Gallery a crowd of people actively associated with that gallery of ours, which was a common place for meetings and maturing in art and fun of the young bohemians. Almost everyone who exhibited here went their own artistic ways, but often came back with new works or at least to visit. Many of those whose presence was so valuable and indispensable, are gone now. And tens of guest artists bringing in their art and the mood of their places, who got to know Bydgoszcz, our art and became friends with us. There were many configurations, references and activities emanating to other places in Bydgoszcz. The work Ela Kantorek and Wiesia Dubrowin did was something exceptional total dedication to art, regardless of the economy, calculations and relations. It wasn’t a shop. Yes, we’re sitting on a bench, letting the sun of those years warm us, it’s our sun, our years and our business… But it won’t be our business, however, if this will be appreciated in the history of Bydgoszcz. (Stanisław Stasiulewicz)
opening of the exhibition: 20.02.2015, 6pm
exhibition open until 21.03.2015

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