On Monday, August 17 in the evening, we are starting the meetings of the Performance Night 2020
The first is SloFlo, an online performative activity that you can participate in from anywhere in the world.

Anna Nacher, Marek Styczyński
(Karpaty Magiczne Project, Biotop Lechnica)
SloFlo has a double meaning: slow, careful tracking of the flows to communicate with plants (Slo/w Flo/wer) and wild places, and slow, mindful being at Biotop Lechnica in Slovakia (Slo(w)vakia Flo/w) – a country whose diverse space, mostly mountainous and not overwhelmed by human presence, allows for such being.
We want to invite the participants to discover and create such a space inside themselves. Living in anthropocene means, above all, having to deal with many crises; together with you, we would like to work out how to deal with the crisis resulting from the lack of contact with living places. It is becoming more and more difficult to protect them from drastic human interference in the places we live, we have more and more difficult access to wildlife and its processes. Can we recreate / create it in our inner space? What do we need for this?
We will suggest tools that can help you do this. We created them during a 4-month quarantine when we were cut off from the Biotop Lechnica*** and could not physically come here.
During these four months, the lyrics of a song from our album “Biotop” have never been truer:
“The Place is constantly talking to us, for example, to leave what demands treatment as it is, it will deal with it anyway. We don’t always give ourselves a chance to hear it, but the Place just is and works.”
Do you have a Place like this? Do you want to have it?

The action is a workshop (meeting on a Zoom platform), will take around 2 hours. We accept applications by e-mail: danutamilewska@galeriabwa.bydgoszcz.pl
Access to the event on the Zoom platform will be sent to the registered participants on Monday.

What is going to happen? SloFlo is a toolbox – there will be a deep listening practice, individual exercises, and time to integrate the experience. You can participate from anywhere in the world.

*** In 2014 we became the owners of a small settlement in the village of Lechnica, in the Slovakian Zamagurie. We call it “biotop” (biotope), which in Greek means “a good place to live.”
More info at: http://biotoplechnica.eu magiccarpathians.com

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