The starting point of the exhibition is the book PSIKUSY (PRANKS) by Ms. Jurek and Małgorzata Gurowska. This art book contains graphics with images of breed dogs, designed for cutting and free mixing. As a result of mixing heads, paws, tails and patches, collages-mutts of unexpected shapes and various characters are created. The blocks that accompany the book, made of plywood, work similarly. PSIKUSY is supposed to teach tolerance for otherness, make people sensitive to the dogs’ harm and open them up to the non-canonical beauty. The multi-layered and symbolic text-manifesto, written by Dorota Masłowska especially for this book, transfers meanings into human areas.
After the workshop, during the vernissage, there will be an auction of signed illustrations and books for the benefit of the charges of the Ostatnia Przystań Foundation in Wtelno.
An hour before the official opening, we invite you to ““We are all collages”” workshops, during which everyone will have a chance to create their own mutt – an image of a dog, but also in its own symbolic way, one’s own portrait. A mural will be created to show the richness of our characters and temperaments.
The “Psikusy” can be visited with pets.
Animals should be under the care of the owner at all times in order to ensure comfortable and safe sightseeing for other guests and not to damage the objects presented at the exhibition.

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