„We come with art” by Wacław Kuczma (excerpt from the catalogue) “We come with art” is a joint project realised by BWA and the Centre for Contemporary Art GRAZ from Regensburg, financially supported by The Foundation for Polish-German Cooperation, from the resources of the Federal Republic of Germany.
The project comprises of a modern art exhibition, concerts of two music groups and a techno presentation by a rising star – DJ Andi Orange. It is worth mentioning that the exhibition will be opened in the beginning of September. But the only reference to the events years ago is the sole fact of “coming – entering” into Bydgoszcz. The art is the weapon, it is a bridge supposed to connect and create an atmosphere of getting to know each other and understanding. Continuously changing Europe imposes on us new conditions of coexistence. Only through the art can we become open societies. The chance for cohabitation is constant contact with the new contemporary art, with living matter, which opens our minds, liberates us from intolerance and arrogance. Us, Poles, but also our close and distant neighbours. The current project is the first of several planned. Next year, Bydgoszcz is presenting herself in Regensburg, and in the coming years we are going to invite artists from other European countries. The works presented at the exhibition are made by artists connected to an art group active in the Centre for Contemporary Art GRAZ. The founders of GRAZ are Wolfgang Grimm, Stefan Göler, Jürgen Huber and Christian Havlicek. They invited to participate the artists with whom they have cooperated for many years. They are Franz Pröbster Kunzel, Christian Schnurer, as well as five musicians of Andi Orange, and Beige GT band.

Exhibition: 2003.09.04 – 2003.10.13

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