With the breath of spring, we felt the need to create an exhibition with children in mind. We miss the time when we could host the children for weekly workshops in the gallery, see the exhibitions together, spend time together and share reflections. We asked ourselves what kind of relationship and energy is created between children’s sensitivity and contemporary art. Not wanting to operate in generalities, assumptions, we went back to our memories. We concluded that children do very well in an art gallery, they feel at ease, they discover things and share these discoveries. We are delighted that we have been able to establish cooperation with Paweł Szeibel, an artist and a nature lover. His objects have already made themselves at home in the gallery space, while a specially designed booklet, prepared in collaboration with Magdalena Kreis, with lots of interesting facts, artistic challenges and beautiful illustrations will play the role of the guide to the exhibition. Look out for us and embark on an artistic and naturalistic expedition in the company of the “Nature Lover!”
Karolina and Agnieszka

Dreams of Tragopogon dubius
Let us feel like being together, let us feel part of a world that breathes, grows, smells, is in constant transformation. Let’s close our eyes for a moment, imagine that each of us is a needle. We grow out of a tree or lie on a forest floor. Perhaps we are carried away by the wind? What are you feeling? Slowly we are coming to life, we are extraordinary, like one of many and a single needle of the common pine.
We walk in the forest, its floor smells, the leaves rustle. Every tree tells its story. Somewhere there are someone’s eyes, moustache, hooves. Someone was taking a bath in the aromatic mud. Someone else scratched their back against the bark. There are herds and loners. The forest lives, breathes, has its rhythm. Will you come and collect needles with us?
They are for listening, looking, sometimes for touching, smelling. They hang, stand, float, have different shapes or lack thereof. We call them works of art, but thanks to you, we know that they are infinite worlds. It has been a long time since our regular meetings in the gallery, so now we are looking forward to seeing you in a space filled with extraordinary design. Together with you, we want to experience the uncompromising reception of art. That listening is worth more than explaining anything. To observe, with freedom and curiosity. Listen to questions, observe reactions. We know that the approach of Pavel Szeibel will feel familiar. You will understand the seriousness and concentration, but also the lightness and joy that accompany the collection of such unusual things like pine needles, for example. And what to do with the intriguing black construction? Who is the mysterious Tragopogon dubius? Perhaps you will be puzzled by the delicate dances of the foil bag, or perhaps it will seem like an obvious hero to you? We miss your joy and amazement; come along as there is burnt wood, a pile of needles and other botanical wonders waiting for you to create your stories from.
Karolina Pikosz

Paweł Szeibel creates paintings, workshops, social actions and installations in urban space. In art, he reaches into areas reserved for botanists and gardeners. Experimentation, openness to unexpected effects of work in progress, play a large part in his activities.

Curators: Karolina Pikosz and Agnieszka Gorzaniak
01.04.2021 – 02.05.2021
20 Gdańska St.

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