Paweł Grobelny. Projekt instalacji "1:2"

On Tuesday, July 4th, at 7 pm (after the opening of Petra Lindholm’s exhibition “Heat Wave”), there will be an official presentation of “1:2” installation and a meeting with its author – Paweł Grobelny.
The project of the “1: 2” installation created for the Municipal Gallery bwa in Bydgoszcz is a project placed in a specific spatial context. Directly, it refers to the character and divisions of the façade of the Gallery building. The installation consists of two components – a shining ligthbox in a Gallery’s window and an outer stainless steel cuboid. Both elements are located in the divisions of the characteristic window to which they are directly matched. Lightbox is a repetition of the dimensions of one of the window divisions, while the steel element outside is twice as long as the light element in the window.
The installation is not specific – it is rather open – and it can be treated as a purely abstract object in space, that is also functional. On the one hand, the outer element reflects in its surface a characteristic façade of the Bydgoszcz bwa, which is a kind of spatial logotype of the Gallery. Due to this, people who walk past the Gallery are able to notice these divisions when they are already under the building itself. On the other hand, this element, because of its surface, will create interesting reflections around, both during the day and in the night, thanks to being highlighted by the lightbox. Ligthbox will additionally illuminate the space in front of the characteristic Gallery window, which until then was quite a dark space.
This installation can therefore be treated as purely abstract, visual action, but also as a functional, practical one.
Paweł Grobelny
Paweł Grobelny – designer, curator of design exhibitions, lecturer at the Faculty of Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw and the School of Form in Poznan.
He studied at the Academies of Fine Arts in Poznan, Lyon, and Paris. Scholar of the French government in Paris, of the prestigious Casa de Velazquez – Academie de France in Madrid and RU-Residency Unlimited in New York. He is the author of urban furniture in, among other, the Zhongshan garden in Shanghai, the Albertine garden in Brussels, in the district of La Defense in Paris; as well as open-air cinema for the Contemporary Art Centre Strombeek in Belgium. He’s also a winner of the international competition for the urban furniture in the French town of Mont de Marsan. Winner of numerous design awards, among them PRODECO 2006, PRODECO 2008, Tremplins Meuble Paris 2008, LVMH Louis Vuitton. Moet Hennessy and Rado Star France 2013 awarded during the Paris Design Week. It is also the curator of exhibitions on design. The exhibitions prepared by Paweł Grobelny were presented, among others, in the Museum of Modern Art in Bucharest, Design Museum in Helsinki, Design Museum in Cologne, Museum of Applied Arts in Budapest, the Korea Foundation in Seoul and at the Centre of Architecture of the City of Paris.

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