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(…) The videos of mini-conversations are recorded after a request for silence. This is a subtle attempt of a Metis experience – to get closer to each other with your body, face, with arranging your tongue in a different language. It is a mutual meeting with the records of different cultural varieties of given nations, countries, streets and houses. Miniaturizing a language by speaking single words allows you to feel its meta-level. And reassemble your thoughts. And heart.
In the book edition of the Polish-Chechen and Chechen-Polish Mini-phrasebook, the artist adapts the idea of conversations (in languages other than Chechen), initiated by Alina Wójcik, a native of Bydgoszcz, to the current reality, and adds new chapters (Generational Care and Women’s Rights). The mini-phrasebook is like a sculpture. A bustling beehive of words interacting with each other like cells or atoms. Words stay together with a bit of well-prepared space to create a translucent sculpture between them*. (…)
From Danka Milewska’ text to the Pamela Bożek’ exhibition.
* Agnes Denes, The Human Argument, 2008.

This exhibition is final of Pamela Bożek residence “Mini-phrasebook”

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