On June 2nd, at the BRDA Gallery operating under the auspices of Municipal Gallery bwa, there will be opening of the exhibition of paintings by Olga Szczechowska, titled “Forest Body”.
The inspiration to create images derives from nature and the phenomena occurring in it. The starting point is a thorough observation of the processes occurring in nature. I’m fascinated by the coexistence and interpenetration of extreme forms: organic, soft, crystalline, sharp. Using means of artistic expression known to me, I would like to capture this process and present it to the image plane. It is not my purpose to faithfully reproduce the processes occurring in nature, but to create a series of works that would tell of an autonomous world which could be an alternative to our reality. The observation of the phenomena occurring in nature would be only a starting point and inspiration. I wanted to create an autonomous world, ruled by its own laws.
(Olga Szczechowska)
Olga Szczechowska born in 1987 in Radom, graduate of painting and cultural studies at the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń. Participant of the collective and experimental action called PRZEprojekt. Collaborated with the Centre for Contemporary Art in Toruń. Specialises in painting, illustration, is the author of installations and objects, also in the urban space. In her art, she’s interested in balancing between the rational and the irrational, seeking associations between the organic and inorganic.

Curator – Danuta Pałys
Opening of the exhibition: 02.06.2014, 5pm
Exhibition open until 18.09.2014

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