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From November 19, 2011 till February 26, 2012, the Municipal Gallery bwa in Bydgoszcz present the exhibition entitled „New Tendencies in Polish Painting 2”. The exhibition is supposed to present and define significant changes which have taken place in the attitudes of Polish painters in the recent years. It is also an attempt to present the essence of Polish painting created in a specific cultural space. The space determining values marked with a specific way of thinking, the place of birth, the cultural influences of various regions and the events of the Polish history.
„New Tendencies…” are also supposed to provoke a discourse on the changeability of the flow of external values and their influence on shaping of the Polish artists’ attitudes and emergence, in their context, of exceptional values unique for our cultural circle. The idea of this exhibition is to present new phenomena in Polish painting. It is not supposed to be and it isn’t a review of current artistic attitudes. It is meant to present creative activities, the quality of the new phenomena, which are typically Polish and bear the features of the unique social and cultural influences on the Polish art. This is the second edition of this exhibition. The first one took place at the turn of 2006 and 2007, and was a significant event in the Polish art life.
The chapter of the exhibition selected the works of fourteen artists: Jan Berdyszak, Beata Ewa Białecka, Krzysztof Gliszczyński, Wojciech Gilewicz, Pascale Héliot, Konrad Jarodzki, Kamil Kuskowski, Wojciech Leder, Roman Lipski, Maciej Łubowski, Magda Moskwa, Bartłomiej Otocki, Radosław Szlaga, Jakub Julian Ziółkowski and The Krasnals art group. The members of the chapter are: Marta Smolińska, Małgorzata Jankowska, Jolanta Ciesielska, Jerzy Brukwicki, Paweł Lewandowski-Palle and Wacław Kuczma.
„New tendencies in Polish painting” are represented by works that are boastful, self-themed or critical towards the times they were created in, full of materiality or deprived of it, going beyond definitions, sometimes even similar to things of the past but nevertheless completely different from the paintings of some years ago.” – Małgorzata Jankowska describes the exhibition. Paweł Lewandowski-Palle adds: „The reports of painting’s death have always been greatly exaggerated and overdrawn. They sounded old and untrue. I don’t believe painting is over. I am one of those who have never doubted its importance. Painting is constantly the most popular art. It has its audience, its hardcore, not so small electorate, it has its own solemnly celebrated festivals, one of which is also the 2nd New Tendencies in Polish Painting”

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