Natalia Szymonik, Spichlerze III, 2014, cienkopis na papierze (fragment)

The exhibition will feature drawings and paintings by Natalia Szymonik. The oil paintings are reliable, realistic studies of reality. Natalia Szymonik observes and admires the nostalgic beauty of inconspicuous details: fragments of nature juxtaposed with elements of industrial architecture, neglected backyards, residential interiors, in which the presence of a human being is recorded through everyday objects. In her drawings, the artist begins with a monochromatic notation made in black fine-tip felt pens. At times, she leaves them at this stage, at other times she brings out selected parts in colour. Natalia Szymonik’s drawings are sheets of paper torn out of her sketchbook – notes from a journey or a humble record of everyday life, an attempt to tame it.
Danuta Pałys

Natalia Szymonik was born in 1982 in Oświęcim. 2002 – graduated from the State High School of Fine Arts in Bielsko-Biała, 2008 – diploma in painting with distinction in Prof. Leszek Misiak’s studio at the Academy of Fine Arts named after Jan Matejko in Krakow.
She uses the following techniques: oil painting, drawing with a fine felt-tip pen on paper, etching, egg tempera on a board. 2013 – EVS volunteering, in Iasi, Romania (organization of art classes for children from an orphanage, management of PhotoVoice project); 2013 – 3rd prize in the competition for the graphic symbol, organized by the Polish Embassy in Bucharest. Lives and works in Bielsko-Biała.

curator: Danuta Pałys
Beginning: 17.05.2019, 6pm
3 Gdańska St.
End: 23.06.2019

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