Looking for drawing signs in my immediate vicinity, I create works in which I use lines to describe the reality around me. A material that I gladly use is threads, with which, on the basis of a sewn drawing or needlework I interpret the reality. On the canvas I embroider linear motifs which are the abstracts of reality. I try to use the whole range of drawing possibilities which threads allow for. Sometimes I act in a more orderly and precise way, making long straight lines, horizontal and vertical; another time, spontaneously and sketchily, I leave the linear tracks, hatches and points and the entire thread clutter accompanying the sewing process. The important thing in my works is what is going on between the thread and the canvas. Here’s the place for the touch of hand, or reflection and contemplation of a given visual situation.
Monika Rak

Monika Rak – Doctor of fine arts, the artist working on the border between drawing and experimental fabrics. She is an assistant professor at the Department of Design of the University of Technology and Life Sciences in Bydgoszcz, where she is the head of a study for technical aspects of modelling fabric and specialist drawing. At the School of Form, Domestic Design, she runs Conceptual Drawing classes and projects related to experimental fabric. In her doctoral dissertation, “Drawing Constructs. In Search of Visual Methods of Analysing the Reality” she attempted to define her own visual category named drawing construct, based on the linear analysis of reality. In 2010, she graduated with honours in Media Drawing at the Faculty of Fine Arts at the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń. In 2013, she received artistic scholarship of the Marshal of Kujawsko-Pomorski district.

Her works have been presented, among others, at: “Textile art of Today” (Bratislava, Poprad, Győr, Bielsko-Biała ), 3rd Triennial of Fabric “Bez Hranic 2012” (Bratislava, Győr, Liptovský Mikuláš, Bielsko-Biała), “A State of Un-Play” exhibition (Atelier 35, Bucharest), 6th Exhibition of Textile Miniatures and 9th Biennial of Fabric “Scythia 9” (Kherson), the “Art – Object – Record” exhibition during 5th Festival “Art and Documentation” (Prexer Gallery, Łódź), “Love – just a chemical reaction?” exhibition (Factory-Art Gallery, Berlin).

curator: Danuta Pałys
open 19.09.2017 6pm
end 29.10.2017

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