Mike Abrahams, British – the author of the exhibition titled Faith – is one of the most outstanding news reporters of today, and the most prominent press titles in the world are anxious to get his works.
Since mid-1970s he has witnessed important political and social events. Civil war in Northern Ireland, fights in the Middle East, great migrations of people in Africa, downfall of communism in Eastern Europe – these are just a few subjects of his photo essays, exhibitions and albums. Created patiently, for many years, they are excellent – from artistic and journalist point of view – documentation of the world in the second half of 20th century. His travels to Poland, Italy, Greece, Mexico, the Philippines, Israel, Ethiopia and many other countries resulted in a peculiar, intriguing tale of Christianity in its many – often exotic for us – manifestations. The pictures show pilgrims, holy places and cult centres, rites and customs, or in short – many faces of one faith – Christianity. The quality of this tale-exhibition is best proved by the fact that for its version shortened to several pictures, Mike Abrahams was awarded at the 2000 World Press Photo, in the “Daily Life” category.

Exhibition: 2004.11.04 – 2004.11.24

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