Marta Normington. Bez tytułu, z cyklu Towards the Sea / Do morza

Marta Normington
Podróż jako stan umysłu / JOURNEY AS A STATE OF MIND

Where are we located when travelling from place to place?
Are all journeys rooted in travelling in physical environments?
How do we experience journeys, when we are fixed to the seats of modern day vehicles?
What is a mental journey? What is the experience of travelling via images and sights?
Do we (and if so, then how?) travel via contact with the objects that reached us through their own various journeys?
Marta Normington, aware of the intimate state of a journey, shares the images recorded on her travels, inciting an inner journey in the viewer through his/her own personal narrations and contexts, in search of private constellations of images and paths of meaning. The exhibition “Journey As a State of Mind” showcases works created between 2014-2016, including her diploma project “Towards the Sea”, and the work “Munich to Bydgoszcz by Water. A Mental Journey”, created especially for this exhibition.

Marta Normington (born, Ciechanów, 1980) is a graduate of the Multimedia Communication Department at University of Arts in Poznań, and in 2016, was nominated for the Maria Dokowicz prize for the best MFA Diploma in the fine arts category. She has studied documentary photography at the University of Wales in Newport, as well as cross-cultural psychology and tibetology in Warsaw, and spent a year residing in a remote Buddhist monastery in Zanskar, in the Himalayas. Marta currently lives and works between Munich and Poznań. She spends a lot of time travelling between places.
She is interested in the re-interpretation of anthropological methods and practices, relationships between image and reality, as well as the contextual and constellation-like structure of consciousness regarding various artistic, natural and scientific phenomena. She is fascinated by fluidity, transitory states, journeys and crossing borders, both physical and disciplinary. She creates installations comprising of photography, objects and video.

Marta Normington. Podróż jako stan umysłu / Journey as a State of Mind
opening 07.02.2017 6pm
end 02.04.2017
curator – Jagna Domżalska
admission free

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