Fully gives in to coincidence creating unexpected colour and texture structures. An abstract shape arising under the brush has its future is the result of a certain, conscious premise. It’s supposed to have its own spatial dimension, tangibility, corporeality. Its own existence is emphasised by the artist with streaks, stains of colour, it contrasts with the background. A mature painting form lives in its own structure. It’s complemented by bent lines, frugal amount of linear signs. That drawing crystallizes the emotional, conscious choice of the colour construction of the painting, discovers the shape closed in painting matter. The panter hints at a human shape, a nude. We won’t find literality in it, or explicit proportions. There’s just a suggestion of a shape, or rather an implied image of energy tangled within. Lines in Marek Model’s works don’t impose their existence, they’re elusive, but have their importance – they close an artistic intention, silence the expression of the colour stains.
Drawing is meaningful for the artist. With a line, quickly and efficiently, he can put down the emerging ideas, note his ponderings. He draws a lot, always with an unusual dose of expression. The lines get entangled, permeate, spin round, reveal specific shapes, at the same time blurring them, losing them in their constant unrest. A drawing is the result of a moment. Its time of creation is very short. The resulting composition is better or worse, it doesn’t matter, the choice or assessment will take place later. In his drawings, Marek Model combines sense of humour, wit and solemnity. He always uses a human figure surrounded and marked by accessories. He creates specific portraits of a human being and an artist. Maybe those are images of himself an artist humble towards art and life, but with strong personality, constantly struggling with greatness of art and ordinariness of everyday life. Marek Model’s works make up modulated sequences. In a way, they’re similar to each other, but never the same. The artists looks for answers to problems that bother him, and each work contains just an element. There’s no explicitness in Model’s art. He carries out a formal play with the means of artistic expression that he utilises. He philosophises, jokes, entertains. He is himself, consciously participating in the complicated structure of the world of art. (Elżbieta Kantorek)

Marek Model was born in 1959 in Gdańsk painter, graphic artists and teacher. In 1980-1985 studied at the State College of Fine Arts in Gdańsk. Graduated from the painting study of Prof. Kazimierz Ostrowski. Since then, associated with the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk. At the moment, he’s the head of the faculty of painting and drawing basics in the Department of Painting. In 2000-2007, he run the ASP Drawing Gallery “Nowa Oficyna”; in Gdańsk. He’s a member and activist of the Gdańsk Society of Art Supporters (GTPS). He presented his works at several individual and group exhibitions in Poland and abroad. In 2008, was awarded the 1st Grade Award by the vice-chancellor of the Academy of Fine Arts, Prof. Ludmiła Ostrogórska, for running the “Nowa Oficyna” Gallery, and the GTPS award for cultural activities. He holds grants from the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.

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