fot. Marcin Szpak

The exposition will present several photographs by Marcin Szpak a renowned photographer working both in Poland and abroad, doing artistic photography. The opening will be accompanied by the music of Silent Disco
Silence… Silence may be ominous… In such silence tension is growing, which is unbearable for those staying within… In the silence full of tension, a longing is released for immediate intimacy and safety, which at that moment are distant and unattainable… alone with our own fears, phobias and demons, we become naked and helpless… the unbearable character of silence, man’s, city’s and people’s helplessness towards it lead to opposition, rebellion of the lonely individual who screams to drown out the silence that winds its way around…
(Rafał Bugajski)
Marcin Szpak (born in 1978), 2008 graduate of the Warsaw Film School. His artistic projects are interspersed with commercial work, where he makes movies and does fashion photography. Photos from the session with designer Katarzyna Konieczka were presented in the British Elegant Magazine. For many years, he’s been building his portfolio by taking part in photo shoots both at home and abroad. The independent projects are: Radiograph, Very Twisted Kingdom, Sfinks, Silent, Stardust, Four Seasons, Tabula Rasa. He participated in numerous exhibitions, among them: 4th Review of Bydgoszcz Photography BWA, Academic Space of Culture — group exhibitions, the Mózg club, exhibitions with Parter02 group and with the Warsaw Film School. His first vernissage took place in 1997.
exhibition open until 28.02.2016

Agnieszka Borowicz-Kempińska
Piotr Wąsowski

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