fot. Marcin Sauter

A photographer stays in the background. Hidden behind the camera. He is there, and at the same time he isn’t there. He doesn’t experience, he only photographs the experiences of others. He hides his emotions, hunting for emotions of other people. He arranges compositions of people and landscapes. He contacts with others using a technical, impersonal device a camera. Often with no communication, no language. This kind of contact with people is strange. For a moment we’re present in other people’s lives, in their world they know, in their houses, among their families and their belongings, we, alien freaks with cameras. While photographing, I disappear, cease to exist. The objects of my photographs see me only for a while, too short to remember me. I also forget myself in the images, beautiful light, expressions and gestures I capture.
Planes, airports full of people, cars going through the places from dreams that I remember from my childhood. In a jungle, in a dessert, in foreign cities, on the banks of rivers and shores of seas. Far away from home. After a couple of days with the camera in my hand, I think in frames and light, like a machine, and I slowly disappear. Journey is a photograph. It’s loneliness and sadness. My meditation and psychotherapy. An exercise in indifference. Necessary for me to live.

At thus exhibition, I’m presenting the photographs from the last five years. From 13 countries in different parts of the world: Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Nagorno-Karabakh, Lebanon, Syria, Israel, Italy, USA, Belize, Guatemala and Poland. The calm, precise, square photographs which I finished taking two years ago, and the colour photos that I’ve been taking for some three years. For many years, I had to learn the regimen of good medium format photography, so that now I could learn how to break it. And this learning will take me probably much more time. I use increasingly less accurate cameras. Fuzziness, mismatched colours, imprecise frames are the first attempts at presenting the world I am now interested in.
Marcin Sauter

Marcin Sauter – Photographer, director, cinematographer. Member of the Association of Polish Photographers and the Polish Film Academy. Teacher at the Wajda School. Studied photography in the National Film, Television and Theatre School in Łódź. Graduate of the Wajda School. In 1990s, photojournalist at Gazeta Wyborcza. He published picture stories in the Pozytyw monthly and the Rzeczpospolita daily. Still photographer at Teatr Polski in Bydgoszcz. Author of some 20 individual exhibitions, among others:
„Calmness of Journey”, State Art Gallery, Sopot, 2014
„Photos”, Municipal Gallery bwa, Bydgoszcz, 2010
„Pieces of the World”, Arsenał Gallery, Wrocław, 2009
„Photos”, City Gallery, Krakow, 2010

Director and cameraman for over 20 documentaries, such as: „Behind the Fence”, „The First Day”, „Travelling Cinema”, „North of Calabria”, „Hakawati”, „La Machina”, „Milk Brother”, for which he received some 40 film awards, in this main awards at film festivals in Mexico, Paris, Chicago, Vilnius, London, Kiev, Belfast, Lisbon, Krakow. „Behind the Fence” was recognised in France as one of the 10 most outstanding short movies of the last decade. In 2006, he received a letter of commendation from the President of the Republic of Poland, for his successes abroad.

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