Magdalena Solich. Painting
“The theme of my work is the affirmation of life and nature. The affirmation of life and nature is for me a positive attitude, curiosity of the world and joy of life and appreciating it. I am inspired by nature, my experiences of it, emotions, memories. The shapes and forms are inspired by the photographs of plants from the microscope and by droplets of water arranged in various shapes.
The composition is open, I show only a portion, a fragment. It is constructed using organic forms referring to nature. They penetrate each other, creating new values. I wanted to acquire the effect of movement and space. All works are painted on yellow underpaintings. Every time it is a different hue. The yellow colour symbolises energy, light, warmth and joy, goodness and happiness. Some of the works show the large forms of similar sizes, colours are monochromatic, I wanted to get the effect of gentleness and calmness reflecting the nature of particular places. Other works are full of forms of varied sizes and highly contrasted colours. Here, I wanted to convey the atmosphere of places full of life, energy and joy.” (Magdalena Solich)
Magdalena Solich (born in 1989) – graduate of painting at the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń and the Vocational School of Designing and Confectioning of Clothing in Toruń. She graduated with a diploma in easel painting in 2015, under the supervision of Prof. Lech Wolski. In 2016, the artist was awarded at the DYPLOMY 2015 exhibition in the Centre of Contemporary Art in Toruń, she also received the Prize of the Society of Friends of the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Nicolaus Copernicus University, for the series of paintings titled “Afirmacja życia i natury” (Affirmation of Life and Nature). One of the images from this series got to the finals of the All-Polish Leon Wyczółkowski Painting Competition . To her credit, the painter has several group and individual exhibitions in Toruń, Kowalewo Pomorskie, Grudziądz, Włocławek, Inowrocław, Bielsko-Biała, Bydgoszcz and Sopot.
opening – 13.09.2016, 5pm
Brda Gallery, Dworcowa 94 (Brda Hotel)
curator of the exhibition: Danuta Pałys
exhibition open until 11.01.2017

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