Living Video
a collection of works by Michał Brzeziński
January 23rd, 2008, 18.00: a video presentation entitled “LIVING VIDEO”, showing a collection of works by Michał Brzeziński
Susan Sontag claims that photography evokes thoughts of death. This statement can be understood in two ways. On one hand, photography presents “dead time”, frozen into a sentimental icon of eternal now. On the other, photography can be perceived as an attempt to keep life, to close it in a picture form, as a mummification of time and keeping it in memory, for posterity. However, video is alive! Not only due to the vitality characteristic of a young medium, still bereft of rules and principles, while peculiarly euphoric of discovering. Video does not present things in a still form. It does not present persistence, eternity glimpsing from beyond time. It is not only dynamic, but also elusive and deprived of a layer of fetishistic artifact, it is hard to be trapped in a solid, a form of frames. Besides, video presenting the past time makes it alive. Neither film nor movie petrifies dead things, but it presents even things that are dead as alive. Video revives. It does not retain an image of an object, but its archetype in action. Doing this, it uses its own means of expression, but, first of all, its movement, created from a combination of many dead photographs into one living, pulsating stream of visual energy. Digital video, processing the image, adds its own stylistics reviving a still life. I would like to devote this presentation to such video works where the subject matter is everything that was hidden, sometimes even dead, and got back to life due to video art. The presentation aims at transmitting the dynamics of the time of real experiences, the time of recording and the time of projection into the dimension of eternal here and eternal now. It aims at creating a peculiar mythology resurrecting that which was
dead. It aims at exposing the relation between photography and symbol, video and myth, as a symbol in action.

01 – Miroslaw Rogala – TRIBUTE TO ED PASCHKE
02 – Martyn Blundell – CALL IT REAL
03 – Andrzej Dudek Durer – SOMETHING II
04 – Yesult Digan – ECO +
05 – Artur Tajber – CZASEM
06 – Józef Robakowski – IDę
07 – Michał Brzeziński – LUMIERE
08 – Yannick Dangin Leconte – AT NIGHT MY EAR
09 – kalEka – APARALELIA
10 – Wspólnota Leeżeć – MŁODE SŁOńCE W ŁONIE
11 – Thorsten Fleisch – ENERGIE!
12 – Michał Brzeziński – MNEMOSYNE

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