Kuba Mozolewski Totem 2 , 2019, fot. Kuba Mozolewski

Taking photographs by an artist is a process that includes the creation of the whole composition and installation. The final effect in the form of a photo presents abstract worlds full of colours and shapes, showing his gaze. Kuba Mozolewski compulsively puts together the plasticine figures, creating them automatically and subconsciously. His works are unpredictable and have an abstract dimension.

“At the exhibition, I try to show a kind of theatre of light, shape and colour. The photographic compositions are immersed in abstraction, in a way inspired by hypnagogic hallucinations, that is dream hallucinations on the borderline between dream and reality. The same is true of the sculptural forms/puppets that I create for photographs, wandering between the familiar and the alien, natural and invented, creating a range of possible interpretations and references. One of the inspirations in creating of these compositions was the Polish puppet theatre of the 1850s and 1860s – however, stripped of its narrative and plot threads. I will also present sculptural forms used to create abstract frames.”
Kuba Mozolewski

Kuba Mozolewski – born in 1991. He lives and works in Warsaw, where he graduated from the Media Art Department of the Academy of Fine Arts. He deals with photography, drawing and installation. He develops his language of abstract expression, creating compositions full of details from the borderline of that which is known and that which is strange. He is interested in form and colour, in which he seeks new, unfamiliar networks of connections coming from the subconscious. He loves to be inspired by hypnagogia and dream visions.

curator: Karolina Rybka
Beginning: 25.09.2020
3 Gdańska St.
End: 05.11.2020

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