Katarzyna Rymarz paints, sculpts and creates jewellery, makes installations, designs murals in private and public spaces, is the creator of the blue plum, co-founder of the interdisciplinary art group Kalamarsada in 2006 in London; set up the Steps Gallery in Nakło on the Noteć, to promote the art of painting in the region of Pomorze and Kujawy. Graduated in 2004 at the University of Warmia i Mazury in Olsztyn. Got her diploma in the study of easel painting of Prof. Stanisław Andrzejewski and in the study of drawing of Dr Dorota Jajko-Sankowska.

The images are painted in cycles… I work on several paintings at the same time and it can take even several years. Tentatively called the „they” and „them”. The former relate to the forms, to man; the latter, to objects, symbols, landscapes, objects. Painting a picture, you can start „almost from nothing”, but this „nothing” is almost always a certain observation of the world -a fragment seen very suddenly and very intensely. The sources of my experience are often simple objects, micro-fragments of nature. This admiration of mine for the world, the particles of which I discover, where the whole is still a mystery, becomes the main function of the image. I arrange my compositions by combining strong, thick strokes (outline of the image) and putting together colour contrasts (the duality of everything that surrounds us). Building images on a seemingly well-known reality, where painting is the result of synthesis of many fractional events. I would like to maintain the balance of the participation of all the senses (empiricism and imagination). Katarzyna Rymarz
„Epigram for a neighbour” is a summer painting cycle consisting of several oil images. (…) The inspiration for creating this colourful cycle comes from personal, private experiences and observation of the immediate neighbourhood. The paintings are subjective impressions based on life anecdotes. They were created on hot summer days, when people move away from enclosed spaces into open ones connected with nature. Many of them are peculiar „human landscapes”, where nature permeates the human silhouette. All of them are constructed on a square plan, set in a fantasy landscape, intentionally emanating lush, luminous colours suggestive of summer light. In the process of creating the cycle, many concise notes were created, full of out-of-context conversations overheard through open windows. These notes had a significant impact on the final painting context in which the characters appeared.
Katarzyna Rymarz

Solo exhibitions:
2014 – painting exhibition, Centrala Artystyczna, Koszalin
2014 – presentation of paintings -”people in the city” standards at the 4th edition of Legendary Beats, with Daddy G (MASSIVE ATTACK) Sopot, Warsaw, Kraków
2014 – painting, painting objects, Steps Gallery, Nakło on the Noteć
2014 – painting exhibition „bez horyzontu” („without a horizon”), Water Tower in Bydgoszcz
2014 – founding of the Steps Gallery -painting exhibition, Nakło on the Noteć
2009 – painting exhibition, Marley, Nakło on the Noteć
2006 – painting exhibition, Jacaranda Boutique, London
2005 – painting exhibition, D-pub Gallery, London
2004 – painting exhibition “I was, I will”, Municipal Gallery bwa, Brda Gallery, Bydgoszcz

Group exhibitions:
2013/2014 -Polygonum 3, Municipal Gallery bwa in Bydgoszcz
2008 – Wstrząśnięta tożsamość? (Shaken Identity?) -presentation of the Kalamarsada group (Katarzyna Rymarz -painting, street art – painting installation; Marta Chojnacka -painting; Dorota Koc – painting; Dorota Jajko-Sankowska – drawing; Joan Ayguade Jarque -installation; Tomasz Zieliński – photography, performance; a group of Polish poets), Museum of the Krajna Region, Nakło on the Noteć
2007 – Volatile reality down the rabbit-hole -exhibition of the Kalamarsada group (Katarzyna Rymarz -painting; Marta Chojnacka- painting; Joan Ayguade interactive objects; Tomasz Zieliński -photography; Romain Juan -installation; Katarzyna Lissoń -photography; Dorota Koc -painting; Chromosome Breaker -music installation; The Bones Theatre -acting, body installation), Waterloo Gallery, London
2006 – New apple or new idea – exhibition of painting and drawings (Katarzyna Rymarz and Marta Chojnacka), Cafe Traiteur, London
2006 – Manifesto -painting exhibition marking the foundation of the Kalamarsada Katarzyna Rymarz i Marta Chojnacka creative group, Camel & Artichoke, London 2002 -charity exhibition for the children from the care centre in Olsztyn
1999-2004 – exhibitions of paintings and drawings, University Gallery, Olsztyn

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