Designers Kamila and Nikodem Szpunar opened their workshop, located in the old Praga district of Warsaw, to us and brought a piece of it to Bydgoszcz. What the two venues have in common is, above all, a glass front, an entrance straight from the street and a small but very bright interior. Just after crossing the threshold of the Gallery, we find ourselves in a place that is very close to the artists on a daily basis. It is in the studio that new ideas and new projects are generated, which they then share with others. Here we will not only see the finished project, but the whole process of its creation, a process of many conversations, first ideas and sketches.
The entirety of the Workshop exhibition is made up of many elements. Right from the entrance, the Cosmic collection of mirrors, which is characterised by a certain simplicity combined with extraordinary decorativeness, catches the eye. The mirrors on display refer to the planets and have been covered with patterns derived from op-art. It is hard not to notice the many pieces of miniature furniture with distinctive colours and shapes, created in the spirit of modern technology. The jointly designed mock-ups are a prelude to the final result, the full-size objects – two Algo armchairs with a stunning design. Walking through the exhibition, we can sit down for a moment and lose ourselves in Nikodem’s large-scale abstract canvases and Kamila’s smaller forms of drawings and paintings. What is most expressive in their paintings is the colour and gradient nature of the scaled-down forms, which make up an abstract whole. The Workshop exhibition is a kind of stopping of a moment, of time in one place. A snapshot of the whole day, of the whole creative process.

Studio Szpunar. Kamila i Nikodem Szpunar – artists, furniture designers, graduates of the Faculty of Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw and the National College of Art and Design in Dublin.. Together they form a design studio located in the old part of Praga in Warsaw. It is a space where design concepts are translated into products, objects bordering on abstraction and paintings. They work with Polish furniture brands such as Paged, Noti, Befame, IWC, implementing products on an industrial scale. They base their creative process on acquired technological knowledge combined with intuition and observation of the surrounding forms. Their designs have been presented at international trade fairs in Berlin, London or Salone del Mobile in Milan. Winners of several awards, Make Me! as well as short-listed for Asahikawa Design Awards, Designer of the Year 2022,

curator: Karolina Rybka
21.10.2022 – 3.12.2022
Gdańska 3

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