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Johan van Geluwe was born in Waregem (Flanders, Belgium). He lives in Waregem, where he works as an architect. He runs fictitious-real institutes A.R.T. (Art. Recycling Terminal) and MAO ( Multinational Art. Office), he is the manager, conservator and archivist of M.O.M. (Museum of Museum).
He writes about his actions: „My work reacts and comments with sometimes quite an acute, subversive irony. It is characterised by a particular susceptibility to language&acutes double meaning and by critical approach towards the society and politics, as well as congenital inclination for independence. Exclusive confidence in own values and lack of confidence in authorities of all kinds make it easy for my sensitiveness to move easily among ANXIETY, HOPE, LOVE and DEATH. I hate commercialisation and trivialisation of art and culture. Due to this persistent attitude, I can afford COUNTER-DEFENCE and creation of ANTI-AUTHORITY, which don&acutet allow for using me as a butler of mercantile machinery. Therefore, my works are not to be bought”. (Johan van Geluwe, 2003) Leszek Przyjemski was born in Bydgoszcz in 1942, he completed his education in the secondary art school here. In 1968 he graduated from the PWSSP (National High School of Plastic Arts) in Gdańsk. He practises painting, graphic art and other artistic activities belonging to conceptual art. His endeavours in the 1970s were concentrated on stigmatising of nonsenses of the Polish reality in the post-Stalinist era. The offended galleries and museums didn&acutet want to cooperate with the artist. Hence, instead of real galleries, he was left with a fictitious museum. In 1970, he founded together with Anastazy Wiśniewski, the Non-Existant Nodding Gallery “YES”. In 1975 the MUSEUM OF HYSTERICS was established. In the beginning of the 1980s the artist moved to Amsterdam.

Exhibition 2003.06.10 – 2003.07.04

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