fot. Jerzy Michalski

Janusz Michalski has been photographing for several years. He’s been fascinated with it all his life. His interests are extensive from macro photography, to nature photography to portraits. His works appeared on the covers of books, in information folders, in books and albums, they were published in dailies and magazines; they adorn the interiors of homes and institutions. Janusz Michalski has participated in many group exhibitions dedicated to macro photography, nature, Bydgoszcz, Bydgoszcz Canal. The author of several individual exhibitions. His most important series are: The Luncheon on the Grass (2004), Bydgoszcz Canal (2005, 2006), Lepidoptera (2006), Macromania (2007), I imagine myself (2008), One Actress Theatre (2011), Like Flowers (2012), Made of Many (2014).
Janusz Michalski has been creating „Przestrzeń limitowana”(Limited Space) over the past few years. It consists of a series of black-and-white photos presenting a single figure accompanied by various props. The figure is either a girl or a young woman, always alone in an unspecified, empty space of a room, sad, pensive, centred on her thoughts. The objects, which are also important elements of the photographs, complete the meanings of individual frames. The figure and the object determine the narrative of the scene. They’re connected by peculiar poetics and they form a contrast at the same time a young person is accompanied by old, damaged objects with their history: a kitchen table, a scraped chair, very tatty shoes, a record player, an unfashionable alarm clock or a book already read by many. The figures are also often accompanied by toys: a teddy bear, a doll, a dragonfly, a beetle, imitating living organisms in the loneliness of the people in the photographs.
The objects belong to the author of the photos, to his past and memories. It is him who arranges individual scenes, introduces the figure-actress, whose presence crowns and closes the composition and gives sense to the presentation. Janusz Michalski appears first as a director, builds a scenario for each scene ays out the props, chooses lighting and already knows how to situate the model. He looks for people (models) who are able to understand the essence of his activities, feel his sensitivity, his perception of woman, feminine nature and who will consent to exist in the world of his imagination.
Janusz Michalski works in humble conditions, doesn’t have an atelier with sophisticated equipment he turns his own home into a makeshift studio; he doesn’t have specialist lighting instead, he uses normal bulbs. He prepares his workplace very carefully and takes technically good photographs. He wrote: „I know that in order to take good photos, you have to rely on your own impressions, showing them in the photographs.”
In this way, a series of black and white photos was created: lyrical, with a small degree of eroticism, modest and simple in form but with poetic message.

opening of the exhibition: 27.03.2015, 6pm
exhibition open until 25.04.2015

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