Janusz Maciej Kochanowski combines his images in cycles they always have a common theme and, of course, the time of their creation. He draws inspiration from the natural world. A blade of grass, flower, fish, shell, butterfly in different arrangements and contexts — peculiar still lifes are put in the foreground in the vast spaces, in the landscape of billowing clouds. In this cycle containing of many works, the most characteristic for him, he employs surrealist poetry and a form that is almost hyper-realistic. Distant landscapes, low-slung clouds, forms of nature, various objects, realistic in detail, create romantic and mysterious wholes, gain a new dimension of meaning. The next cycle presents lonely flowers on the background of the sky with the inseparable clouds illuminated with mysterious light.
Another set of paintings by Janusz Kochanowski presented at the exhibition is flowers painted in the years 2006-2007. These “portraits” of flowers he shows them in huge close-ups, in central compositional arrangements, on colourfully diverse but neutral backgrounds emphasising the colours and forms of the plants. These images are very decorative and precise in execution. Every detail of the flowers has been outlined with great care. Extremely realistic hyper-realistic form determines the nature of these works. Flowers by Janusz Kochanowski live mainly in their decorative structure. They are formed like plants in old herbaria. You can see the shape, color, painstakingly presented construction of the flowers, but they are devoid of scent and life. One admires them like butterflies enclosed in glass cases.
Elżbieta Kantorek

curator of the exhibition: Elżbieta Kantorek
exhibition open from October 5-27, 2012

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