Jan Gordon was born in Bydgoszcz in 1955. Studied at the State Academy of Fine Arts (now University of Arts) in Poznań, in the studio of interior design of Prof. Jan Węcławski, and in the studio of woodcut of Prof. Zbigniew Lutomski. Got his diploma in 1983. Does workshop graphics and painting, functional art (interior design, art of exhibition. He presented his works at seven individual exhibitions and over sixty group exhibitions in Poland and abroad.

The exhibition presents the prints by Jan Gordon – a selection from works created in the last seven years. The author uses the classic linocut enriched with his own technique – burning (burnt linocut). This treatment changes the structure of linocut to some extent it loses the track of the lines, enhances expression, the composition becomes painterly like. Jan’s prints are black and white. Sometimes colours appear: either subdued, suppressed, with additional values (the Forest cycle) or constituting a strong accent (Birds). Contrasts of large planes and changeable rhythm of the lines make for the power of individual works. They remain figurative, but the uniqueness of the forms loses its expressive compositional arrangement. Human figure is most often the dominating element – around it, shapes, abstract and presentational signs make their narrative. Strong, expressive compositional structure and consciously applied deformation create specific character and expression of these prints. Quite often, there appears a form resembling the head from Munch’s Scream. One can also find references to the German Expressionists. John gives his works a great dose of drama, but it is subjected to a certain formal ordering – this soothes and calms tension. However, one perceives these prints emotionally, they force the audience to look for and explore meanings. I don’t read the included message completely. They are personal reflections of the author on human fate, it’s a human perception conditioned by past and present events. Jan does not comment on his works, does not reveal their unambiguous meaning, does not talk about his inspirations – it’s the sum of his sensibility, his reflection on big and small events. These prints often evoke a smile, which disappears after a while, replaced by pensiveness. Their author, usually cheerful, merry and witty, is very humble towards the values of life.
Elżbieta Kantorek
opening: 11.04.2014, 6pm
exhibition open until May 10th, 2014

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