The most important motive and issue of Hanna Ewa Masojada’s art is a metaphysical space with no limits. The artist boldly illustrates it using her imagination and sensitivity, determines it philosophically and physically. Until recently, these were compositions of various sizes on canvases and silk sheets, presenting abstract forms of space. They dazzle not only with subtle configurations and structures, with light and colour, but also with rhythm and musical phrase. Systems of colour patches, planes, outlines hint at stones, cocoons, where thoughts, moods, emotions, sensations and experiences of human live. (fragment of text by Jerzy Brukwicki, 2009)
Hanna Ewa Masojada was born in Warsaw. She graduated at the Warsaw University of Technology, studies philosophy at the University of Warsaw. Got her diploma at the Faculty of Painting under Prof. Antoni Fałat at the European Academy of Art. Post-graduate studies under Prof. Wojciech Sadley at the College of Applied Arts “Schola Posnaniensis”. She’s got her teaching rights at the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan. Her paintings can be found in private and national collections in Poland and abroad. Many artistic journeys and some years spent in South Africa gave her an impulse to choose space and colour as her painting subject. She’s fascinated with ways of interpreting space. Her artistic research led to a fascination with Japanese art — painting on silk. Colour is characteristic for the expression of her works.

(a fragment of text by Anna Kroplewska-Gajewska “Przestrzenie snu” (Spaces of Dream), 2010)

Opening of the exhibition: 15.06.2010, at 6pm
Exhibition open until 7.07.2010.

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