Gerdine Duijsens. Painting
The Happy Few / View?!
Gerdine builds up an image of candy taste, at the same time wiping the brushes powerfully against the canvas’ surface. One somehow feels the inaccuracy and each, casually covered, incomplete surface.
Characters have got undetermined faces covered with rich make-up and kindhearted lips. Women and men surrounded by cakes of exuberant flavours, prepared by the best confectioners, by glasses full of wine, cups that can be filled and emptied eternally. One can eternally play, change games, change rules of games, being eternally elegant. Eternally elegant and confident of oneself, playing all the time, of course. Exaggerated colours, not fully arranged spots, freedom and lightness of painting announce the world of emotions and passion. Of tears and desires. Of infidelity and jealousy. Pink and red contrasted with the black of małe suits surrounded by sweetness create an atmosphere of delight. Oh, just to enter. Immersed in the depths of Gerdine’s paintings, we start to realise that the situation becomes insipid, as if one ate too much meringue cake. Full of expression, the temperature of forms, contrasts of colours – similar and persistent – make us aware that this feast of cake and coffee is full of strangeness. Actually, it’s a bauble, an image of emptiness and loneliness, as dangerous as it is ghastly. It can be the fulfillment of this loneliness. Gerdine’s characters do not exist in relation to each other. Holding their hands, touching each other, they exist beyond their value. Gerdine presents a world that is empty, hopeless and cold. The expression of forms contradicts the expression of characters and their space, becoming a bought, evening gown. I’m afraid that Gerdine presents to us the real space of life, which is not a shining.
Wacław Kuczma /a part of the introduce to the catalogue/

Exhibition: 2007.10.20 – 2007.11.18

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